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Best Fishing Cooler

Best Fishing Cooler

Fishing is a common activity many people undertake to vent off, relax, and recollect their thoughts. To get the most out of a fishing trip, you need to go well prepared and equipped with the right gear.

One of the gears that need to be on your list is the fishing cooler. You are out deep in the lake or a river the whole day, away from restaurants and hotels and you need to eat or drink something, what would you do?

It would be better if you have something that can keep your drinks cold and foodstuff and snacks fresh. What other better trick to do that than using a fishing ice chest? At the moment, they are plenty of coolers out on the market.

We understand that selecting the best products can be tricky to many individuals because of the vast varieties and options from different manufacturers. As a result, we have done our due diligence and reviewed some of the best fishing coolers on the market. 

NorChill Soft Coolers -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Extreme Soft Cooler Bag 4.9 out of 5 stars
Camo Cooler4.7 out of 5 stars
Mossy Oak Cooler Bag 4.6 out of 5 stars
RTIC Soft Cooler Bag4.5 out of 5 stars

NorChill Soft Coolers


Our top pick is the soft cooler from NorChill, which is also the cheapest cooler in our review list. Do not be mistaken at low prices for poor quality. The cooler is built with a durable stain-proof material, which also mimics the environment.

The 3D graphics patterns on the outside cover not only make the cooler eye-catching but also allow it to blend perfectly with the environment. The material is also tear-resistant and can handle a rough environment, a plus for the product.

Fusion welding has been used to join the joints; as a result, the ice chest is leak-proof, and with the state of the art insulation techniques, your food will stay fresh for an extended time.


  • The cooler is made from highly durable materials.
  • The ice chest is leak proof.
  • The price is fair.


  • Once in awhile the zipper may snag the fabric when quickly opened
  • Warranty information is not stipulated.

Extreme Soft Cooler Bag


This is a cooler bag that you can depend on to keep your lunch fresh for the entire day. It is lined with a PVC fabric that can easily be removed when you need to clean it. Isn’t that great? Then why don’t you give it a try? 

One thing that makes this product exceptional is its weight. It is light in weight; this makes it easier to carry it around. Also, the extra pockets provide you with additional storage space, enabling you to take all the essentials you need for your fishing trips.

The zippers are made from sturdy materials, and this ensures that they last longer. On the top access point, two zippers meet ‘halfway,’ making it easier to access your essentials inside the cooler.


  • The cooler is of good quality
  • Easy to wash
  • Highly durable zippers


  • The stitches come out after some time
  • Some buyers claim the cooler to be highly-priced

Camo Cooler


This cooler can not only be used for fishing trips but also hunting and camping trips. Do you want a cooler that can keep your snacks fresh and drinks cold? You better buy the Camo cooler manufactured by the Swell Avenue.

With a storage capacity of about 24 cans, there is plenty of room for you to store all the essentials you need for your fishing trip. The cooler also has side pockets to give you the space you need to pack everything.

If you walk around with your keys, don’t worry, the cooler has a netted side pocket specifically designed to store your keys safely. You will not be the first to like the padded shoulder straps that make it easier for you to move with the ice chest. 

The main purpose served by the fishing coolers is to keep things cold and fresh, and when you are thinking of buying one, you better get one that does its job at best. The Camo cooler is such a cooler; it retains ice for a much longer period of time.


  • Multipurpose, can be used for both fishing, camping and hunting
  • Highly durable
  • Impressive ice retention capabilities 


  • They have been reported cases of leaks
  • Some customers claim the price of the product is quite high.

Mossy Oak Cooler Bag


The cooler has a capacity of twelve cans, and it is just the perfect lunch bag for your fishing trip. It is manufactured using super durable materials to ensure that the product serves you for long without wearing out.

The product also has many side pockets, some of which are meshed, where you can store your small gears like sunglasses. One feature that makes this cooler stand out is its ability to withstand even harsh environments; in a nutshell, the bag is an all-weather cooler bag. 

Accessing your favorite drinks inside the cooler is never going to be an issue. The top access cover opens all the way around; this makes it easy to access your essentials in the cooler. When you don’t need to open the entire cover, you can still use a much smaller opening on the top. 

Although the shoulder straps are not padded, they are still comfy and comfortable to wear. Also, the hand handle is fitted on the cooler, which may come in handy if you don’t like hanging things on your shoulder.


  • Lots of side pockets for extra storage
  • All-weather cooler
  • Highly effective for keeping drinks and snacks cold for longer periods.


  • The shoulder straps are not padded
  • The cooler may hold fewer cans than advertised by the producers.

RTIC Soft Cooler Bag


The last product of our best top five fishing cooler is the RTIC soft cooler bag. It can accommodate more than thirty cans; this makes it the largest ice chest in our review list. One of the dangers of using the ice chest is the growth of microbial on the inner surface.

With the RTIC, that problem is solved, you are never going to have a food poisoning related issues because the interior has a microbial lining that inhibits the development of antimicrobial that may lead to food poisoning.

The two-inch insulation foam is responsible for the superior ice retention capabilities of the cooler. Having a cooler bag that sweats can be annoying and messy. Luckily this particular ice chest does not sweat due to the vinyl cover.

Another important thing to know about the product is that it is leak proof. One advantages of leak-proof coolers is that they are able to retain ice for a much longer period of time, and also, the melted ice won’t spill all over the surface to cause a mess. 


  • Light in weight.
  • Cushioned shoulder straps make it easier to carry the cooler around.
  • No sweating, thanks to the vinyl cover.


  • Leaks have been reported
  • They can still do a better job with the zippers.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Fishing Cooler

Fishing is arguably one of the most therapeutic hobbies. Most people do it for the fun and thrill of catching fish, whereas others use it to connect to nature and learn the virtue of patience. If you have ever gone fishing, you know how much patience it takes to get a catch.

For the ultimate fishing experience, you ought to have a fishing cooler. Having a fishing cooler on your expedition makes it easier as it saves you the pain of having to carry many packages. These miracle workers are the primary difference between newbie fishers and seasoned experts.

Most fishing enthusiasts experience hardship in storing their catch, especially when in long fishing expeditions. This can be devastating as fish tends to go bad easily if not kept under very low temperatures.

Keeping provisions fresh for prolonged hours is also another issue with fishing expeditions. Fishing for hours in the hot sun can be a tough experience that can only be made bearable by taking cold refreshments. Luckily, fishing coolers are a solution to this problem.

I have discussed some of the important features that any excellent cooler should have. Knowing what to look for in a fishing cooler will not only save you time, but it will also give you more value for your money.

Storage Space

The first consideration on our list is the product storage space. This refers to the volume of space allocated for keeping your items. These items include drinks, solid foodstuffs, and of course, your day’s catch. Any good fish cooler should offer you ample space to store your provisions.

There are quite a number of methods that can be used to determine the capacity of a cooler. One common method used in the market is determining the number of cans that can fit in the product and then categorizing it under the small, medium-sized, or large fishing cooler.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate size for you, keep in mind the nature of tasks you intend to use the product to perform. You should base your decision on the number of people the product will serve at a go, and the size of the items the product will be carrying.

For instance, if you are a catch and let go kind of a person and you are only looking for a product to store a few beer cans, then a small-sized cooler will serve you just right. However, if you need to pack items for a bigger number, you should buy a large enough product to serve your needs.

Dry storage is also another feature you should look for. This is the storage section that is used to keep provisions moisture-free. This section of the cooler can be used to keep snacks or even fishing equipment away from ice and water.

For any product to be able to keep its content dry, it should be leakproof. This is important because it will help in preventing water from sipping into the cooler or melting ice finding its way into the dry storage compartment. 

Ice Retention

The whole idea of taking a fishing cooler on a fishing expedition is to have a reliable way of keeping your provisions cold, and your day’s catch fresh until you cook it back at home. Therefore, it is a basic requirement for any cooler to be able to retain ice for a reasonable time.

For maximum ice retention, coolers are designed to have thick insulated walls in the storage compartment. This feature prevents heat gain from the outside environment into the cooler environment, therefore, maintaining a low temperature within the cooler.

A good product should have a space allocated for storing ice, which will keep your drinks cold and fresh. This compartment should be well insulated to ensure that your items remain cold for as long as possible. This is important, especially when you go out fishing for many hours.

Fishing coolers have different ice retention abilities. Some products can keep ice for days without melting, while others can only go for a few hours. You should go for one which will take care of your needs.

Thick walls play a big role in insulating a product against heat gain or loss from the outside environment. Coolers that keep ice for many hours, even days, always have thicker walls in contrast to those that can only keep for a few hours. 

If you only go out for an hour or two, you might not need a product that keeps ice for days, which will cost you more money. Products that can retain ice for hours are suitable for people who spend a considerable number of hours fishing.


The portability of a cooler is another factor that you should have in mind when selecting a product. Changing a fishing spot is a common occurrence. You might have to move from one spot to another for a given reason. Having a portable cooler will make it easy for you to move around.

So how does one gauge the portability of a product? Several factors can be used to make this evaluation. These factors mostly revolve around the product’s design, material, and additional features that have been incorporated into the product to enhance portability.

An excellent product should be easy to carry around, either alone or with a partner. To make this possible, some manufacturers design their products to have shoulder straps that are padded to protect you from getting hurt when carrying them on your back.

Others have a specially designed base made of the tough non-slip grip material. This feature enables the product to hold itself on the surface of a vessel whenever there is unsteady motion. Other products have anchorage straps that can be tied on the vessel for maximum anchorage to fasten the grip.

Wheels are the most common additional portability feature on products. This design helps you to move around with the cooler by simply dragging it along. This feature can come in handy, especially when you are dealing with a lot of weight, as it is easier to drag than carry the load.


Another vital issue to consider when procuring a cooler is its durability. A durable product will save you a lot of money, which you would have spent on repairs and replacements. The durability of a product is majorly determined by the type of materials used to manufacture it.

A fishing cooler designed to carry fish should be sturdy enough to handle internal damages. Most fish species have spikes on their fins. These sharp pointing objects can easily tear light material; therefore, it is important to ensure that your product is made of tough material. 

Rust is perhaps the most common problem associated with fish coolers. Not only does the presence of rust wear out a product, but it also poses a health risk as it can easily contaminate your cooler’s contents. This problem is prevalent in saltwater bodies.

To control rusting, manufacturers use anti-rusting agents in their products to prevent them from rusting when they get into contact with salty water. If you go fishing in a saltwater body, you should buy a product that is protected from rusting.

Also, pay close parts to joints, straps, and zippers as usually are the weakest parts of any cooler. Parts made of light-duty plastic material might not last long as they tend to break off under a lot of weight. You should ensure that your choice of product is made of a material that can handle the weight.


Generally, all outdoor activities, whether it is going out in the woods for nature walks or in the lake for fishing activities, are exciting. But to make such activities interesting and fun as a possibility you need to be equipped with a cooler to keep your snacks and drinks cold and fresh.

We have reviewed the best fishing ice chest on the market for you, any of the above-mentioned ice coolers will do the task. But if you are still having doubts about which product to settle on, then we would like to recommend the soft cooler from NorChill.

The cooler is manufactured with stain-proof material; also, the material is tear-resistant, making the item highly durable. The joints are properly joined together, making the cooler leak-proof. The 3D pattern makes the cooler visually appealing, which is a plus for the product. 

And perhaps one of the main reasons as to why you should buy the recommended product is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price. Get your NorChill soft cooler today by ordering one now!

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