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Best Golf Bag Cooler

Best Golf Bag Cooler

What is the Best Beer Sleeve Cooler for Golfing?

In the course of golfing, it’s pretty important that a golfer is stocked with a constant supply of tasty cold brews for the entire day he or she is riding or walking the course.

Most of the golf courses are extremely large. Making your way from the first hole to the last one, even with a cart, isn’t easy at all. With frequent stops at different places within the course, you get the chance to buy a drink or snack and gobble it all up before proceeding.

Nonetheless, this is quite expensive, considering you’ve already injected a lot of money into other aspects of the sport.

To keep your expenses as minimalistic as possible and still stay hydrated for the entire day, it’s critical that you consider a reliable golf bag cooler that not only keeps your drinks chilled and ensure the snacks are fresh, but also is compact enough to fit easily into the golf bag.

A few cooler designs in the golf bag category are averagely sized. Most of the rest are small sized and compact, so it’s easier to attach the cooler to a bag or the golfing carts with clasps when moving around the course.

Carrying a cooler separately is a strenuous and tiring exercise. That’s why a compact design is better suited and more convenient for a golfing tour.

Most of my buddies have been experiencing a lot of inconveniences when taking part in golf tours, due to the unavailability of the foods of their choice, as well as the presence of drinks that are extremely overpriced.

In case you are in the same boat as well, you don’t have to worry any longer, for we are reviewing the five prime golf cooler bags and the features that make them better suited for their functionality.

Top Golf Beverage Coolers List

ZeeCoolers -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Caddyswag 4.9 out of 5 stars
CaddyDaddy4.7 out of 5 stars
Intech 4.6 out of 5 stars
Stripebird4.5 out of 5 stars



This bag is available in 2 gray colors. The cooler has enough storage space to comfortably retain six canned beverages. 6 cans is a good number in case you need to stay hydrated the entire golfing day.

The bag also supports the fitting of 2 ice packs. Besides, it’s a versatile design as it allows users to keep any drink, be it a beer bottle or canned beverage. In case you need your beer close by, the ZeeCooler is a perfect cooler to hide your beer or wine.

The shoulder strap that is attached to the bag is not only comfortable but also convenient for golfing tours that last as long as a day, considering you’ll be spending the whole day moving from place to place. It’s easy to carry.


  • It’s compact enough to keep a few drinks as well as snacks.
  • Carrying the bag from one place to the next is made easier with the shoulder strap feature.
  • The exterior parts of the cooler are made of canvas, which is a durable material.


  • The cooler barely keeps foodstuffs cold for the whole day.



The Caddyswag has a reusable freezer alternative that allows you to repeatedly store your canned drinks for the entire season you’ll be out golfing. Additionally, the bag is proficient in keeping beverages cold for a longer span.

It’s a 6 pack design that can be fitted with six 12 ounce cans. Owing to the tendency of a good number of shareholders to overprice their drinks and snacks within the course, it’s sometimes becomes costlier to rely on in-course provisions.

Caddyswag palliates such problems by offering you a compact storage unit for the entire time you’ll be enjoying the golfing experience. Notably, the cooler bag doesn’t leak. It’s zipper is strong.

Besides, it’s durability is assured with the PU coating that keeps the entire bag insulated. This way, it can withstand any torture or abuse that comes it’s way. The golfing experience isn’t that subtle with bags.


  • The size of the bag is moderately convenient for any golfer. It has a 19” length and 8” width.
  • You can easily fit six 12 ounce cans in this bag.
  • It’s affordable.
  • The zipper is strong to prevent any leaks from happening.
  • The tough insulation is reinforced with the durable PU coating.


  • The golf bag cooler will keep canned drinks cold for a short period of time.



This bag is primarily designed with a koozie feel that makes it a reusable option. Likewise, to improve ice retention, the bag supports the fitting of re-usable ice-packs.

You could wrap one can with the reusable ice-pack or alternatively lay it flat on the cooler to increase the surface area in contact with at least three or more beverages. This way, the essentials retain their cold for a longer time.

The side opening basically gives users easier access to contents of the cooler. With the compact storage, the unit easily fits into a golf bag, so you can virtually carry it wherever you go within the course.


  • The horse-shoe shaped pocket is a compartment that allows you to store all your extras such as mobile phones, wallets and watches.
  • The insulation of the bag is ultra thick thus harder for contents to lose their coldness for the day.
  • The liner of this cooler is leak resistant.


  • It keeps the contents cool but not well chilled.



This golf bag cooler is designed in the USA. Manufacturers are especially keen with quality and performance, so you are guaranteed of getting a reliable bag. Additionally, there’s enough space for the beverages you’ll need on your tour.

12 ounce cans can easily be fitted into the bag. Furthermore, there’s extra space that gives you additional storage for valuables, besides the major options for snacks and miniature gear such as gloves and golf-balls.

The additional storage is made up of double pockets that are zippered. There’s also a small meshed pocket  that you can use to store water bottles, thus easily accessible on the side. You will always stay hydrated with such an option close by.


  • It is a portable design. The longer strap makes carriage of the model easy.
  • There’s a lot of storage compartments for both refreshments as well as valuables.
  • It is one of the cheapest designs.
  • The meshed pockets on the side are designed to store water bottles.
  • The additional strap is comfortable on the back or shoulders. The bag is easier to carry with this feature.
  • This cooler is made in the USA.


  • There are a number of quality and durability issues with the zipper and liner.



The Stripebird cooler is insulated to prevent external temperatures from interfering with the cold conditions of the bag. It can comfortably fit a six pack of canned drinks, which is averagely a good deal for a golfer who’s playing all day.

Besides purchasing this design as a golfer, you could procure it as a benefaction for your friends or spouse who is an avid lover of the game. It’s pretty affordable, so you won’t cough a huge sum or break the bank for that matter.

The bag comes with an additional storage pocket, which is well zippered. This option allows you to keep other necessities including car keys, wallets and mobile devices.

A shoulder strap is attachable on the bag, to give you an easy time when moving around the golf course. The thick cell foam on the side walls improves the insulation properties of the cooler. Likewise, the seams on the side are sealed to prevent the escape of cold air.


  • The cooler can be attached to any golf cart.
  • It is leak proof.
  • The dense cell foam improves insularity of the bag.
  • A pack containing six cans of beverage will fit in this cooler.
  • It’s a cheap bag whose pricing is convenient for any golfer.


  • It doesn’t have lasting sequestration properties. 

The factors you should take into consideration when picking a golf bag cooler

Golf bag coolers are beneficial to golfers due to their compact design and how conveniently they manage to store drinks or foods, even with their small designs.

Besides being very good at day-long cold storage, the coolers provide adequate storage for water that facilitates hydration.

With a constant supply of drinks and snacks, you are guaranteed of an entertaining golf adventure where you don’t lose focus or go hungry for long, both which would have affected your level of concentration in the game.

Apart from being helpful to you in the course of golfing, the cooler saves you a lot of money in the long run, because it’s not only one of the few affordable cooler options in the market but also beneficial by providing food and drinks that are often overpriced in golf courses.

When choosing the bags, make sure you’ve checked all the features of the cooler, to ensure it’s the best fit for all your needs and that it works well to last you the whole day you’ll be out for golfing.

Let’s preview the most important factors you need to consider and the advantages the cooler designs provide to users.


Most of the golfing courses I know have stringent policies regarding membership. A lot is dictated in relation to the code of conduct. Some even prohibit members or golfers from bringing in their own foods and beverages.

Therefore, when picking a cooler design, make sure it’s easier to get into the course without being detected. It should look like any other small accessory for the golfing experience.

To make the disguise more perfect, you can utilize the additional storage compartment to stock a few golf-balls. Finding a bag that’s clandestine will keep your dietary needs in check and keep you healthy even when golfing.


For any golfer, getting to the top of the game is no mean feat. A lot is required of you, not only in terms of effort and time but also with expenditure.

Most of the golfing accessories come at incredibly high prices, so it’s pretty hard to maintain the financial part of the game if you aren’t ready to part with a good amount of finances.

The golf-bag cooler comes in to mitigate the expenses we incur in the game. Many stakeholders in golf courses ban the bringing of supplies to their grounds because they wish to make more profit with the sales of their own drinks and food.

The overpricing of their supplies may create a digger deep in your pocket. The cooler bags come in to keep your budgets low and prevent overspending on items you would have acquired at a considerably lower price.


The lightweight design of these bags has been the major reason for preference of the same by golfers today. They are easy to carry around, unlike the conventional steel coolers that are usually heavy and bulky.

Additionally, shoulder straps come with virtually every design. With such an option, you could carry the bag anywhere within the field and easily access the bag for eatables.


The compactness of golf-bag coolers makes them more effective and efficient. For this reason, golfers can carry them with their golfing gear and still keep them unnoticeable from prying officials.

Most of the manufacturers prefer compact designs owing to the nature of golfing tours. You will probably need a supply of drinks and food for the day you will be golfing.

Snacks will barely survive two days in a golf bag cooler. They were designed primarily to keep contents chilled for only a day. Nonetheless, their functionality has been effective.

The compact size will fit all your foodstuffs and still be small enough to sneak into a course.


An average golf cooler bag holds 10 canned drinks comfortably. Even though there are models that barely meet the 10-can threshold, it’s still noteworthy that these too will sustain you throughout the golfing tour and serve you in the same way for years.

Extra space to keep your accessories

In addition to the main storage that holds the foodstuffs and beverages, manufacturers have included smaller compartments on the sides of the bags to facilitate the storage of non-food items that are equally important for a golf tour.

With these compartments, it’s easier to stock golf balls and other valuables such as mobile gadgets and wallets.

Some designs have created smaller convenient storage options on the side. The most common one is the meshed pocket which allows a golfer to store a bottle or two of water. You’ll always stay hydrated with such an option.


The strength or durability of a cooler bag is reliant on the materials used to make the design. Different materials are used in the construction of golf bag coolers.

One of the popular materials is canvas. It’s not only durable but also tough enough to withstand pressure and abuse that is sometimes associated with golf tours. It could be thrown anywhere anytime. Other types of fabric are also incorporated into the design through structured knitting.

When looking for a long lasting option, always make sure your primary needs are well catered for. The bag should be ruggedly built to withstand the test of time and provide you with sustainable storage for the seasons to come.

Durability relates to every part of the cooler. The fabrics holding the liner should be well stitched to minimize wear of the design.


Users should conveniently carry around the golf bag. Owing to the pricey nature of golfing carts, it’s sometimes necessary that golfers take a stroll when moving from one hole to another. Truthfully speaking, walking isn’t that pleasurable, especially with no food or drink to spare.

Fortunately, a golf-bag cooler makes the walking tour more fun and enjoyable. You will barely find a reason to use a cart when moving around. With the storage unit, you move easily from one point to the next, as you keep yourself hydrated and full to the brim with snacks.

Cooling and security

Golf courses are usually large owing to the long nature of the fields. You could end up staying within the course for hours. During this time, it’s important that the cooler bag you carried keeps everything cold and fresh, considering you’ll be in need of replenishments for only a day.

Safety of other valuables is guaranteed with the safety options you have for a golf bag cooler. Spillages are usually messy.

Therefore, the use of durable zippers and patches of Velcro ensure that nothing falls. Everything stays intact and there’s scarcely commingling between the solid and liquid essentials.


Most of the golf-bag coolers are affordable options to consider hence the assurance that you won’t be stretching your crystallized budget.

All in all, quality and performance hugely differ amongst the designs. It’s important that you invest better by picking a durable cooler.

In all the options we’ve checked out, Caddyswag bags the laurel for the best golf bag cooler. It’s a compact design that could be fitted with six 12 ounce cans at a go.

It’s built to hold drinks and foods for an entire day. Additionally, it won’t leak. Trickles tend to cause sogginess that would interfere with the golfing gear. With the shoulder strap, you could carry it anywhere around the field without feeling exhausted.

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