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Best Portable Cooler Bag

Best Portable Cooler Bag

Portability. The only distinguishing factor between a determined and prepared camper from any other in the wild.

The portable cooler bag is a one of a kind invention, primarily because it’s designed for everyone. You don’t need to be a camper or one-to-be to access and enjoy benefits of the portable cooler bag.

Unlike the conventional designs, these modern innovations are perfect for all. From the student heading for school to a doctor reporting daily to save lives, the bag serves it’s purpose to the fullest.

These models give you the unique advantage of not having to worry about the condition of foods, drinks, snacks or even important medication. The bags can keep all these chilled and safe for a day or so. Totally convenient.

Did I mention that the ice retention of these cooler bags is pretty good? Well, of course. Most people tend to look for alternative solutions to the traditional cooler models, the ones that are quite difficult to carry around.

The portable cooler bag is the ultimate solution to all your needs. Effectiveness, portability, convenience, safety; everything you need, all beside you in one pack.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce some of the best portable cooler designs on the market. We’ve carried out numerous tests before highlighting these bags, be rest assured they are quality accessories.

Top Cooler Bags List

IceMule -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
BUILT4.9 out of 5 stars
YETI4.7 out of 5 stars
Thermos4.6 out of 5 stars
BISON Coolers4.5 out of 5 stars



The portable IceMule bag is designed just like a backpack. You don’t need to worry about looking odd carrying around a cooler. It’s actually hard for anyone to notice that you have a cooler on your back unless they’ve purchased the model before.

It’s waterproof, a differentiating feature from most backpacks out there. The good thing with this unique bag is that it’s a multi-purpose model. You can stuff your essentials when going for camping, outdoor picnics, hikes and even beach visits.

During testing, IceMule managed to keep beverages and foods cold for a whole day. It’s displayed remarkable consistency in performance.

The backpack rests on your back, so your hands are free to handle any other items. Hiking is made easier with this pack, as you don’t have to worry about keeping your bag close.


  • Additional straps are attachable to boat and board surfaces. This gives you a good time to rest your back when not in transit.
  • The bag can easily be stored. It can be rolled sideways. It consequently saves space during storage.
  • Contents of the cooler bag are easily accessible.


  • Rolling the bag for storage is not as effective as provided in the guidelines.



The BUILT portable cooler bag is compact. The small design of this bag makes it lightweight and more portable.

A new mechanism has been incorporated into the design; the freeze-lock insulation feature. The essence of the technique is to retain cold within the bag and minimize the rate at which external temperatures interfere with the cooling process within the bag.

Another feature that aids the freeze-lock insulation mechanism is the thick walls used in construction. Side walls are an inch thick. The bottom is more reinforced. It’s thickness is one and a half inches.

Generally, the bag is built with tough materials. This kind of construction makes it resistant to wear and tear. The fabric is as hard and tough as the shell itself.

Polyester is the major material used to build this bag. Testing proves that it’s a reliable fabric for a bag of its purpose.

BUILT portable cooler bags comfortably hold up to 10 beverage cans. It’s portable but still large enough to accommodate most of your essentials.


  • The cooler bag doesn’t contain BPA, a chemical that is hazardous to human health.
  • It is leak proof and versatile in functionality. The bag can be carried to the beach, park, sports center, hunting expedition, boating experience and even fishing.
  • It’s tough and built to last. It’s build consists of durable polyester and hard reinforced shell.
  • The freeze lock design prevents cold air from escaping inner parts of the cooler.


  • Most purchasers complained that the zipper got damaged easily.



Yeti is a renowned brand in the cooler sphere. Manufacturers of this brand stick to quality.

The portable bag is airtight. Cold air never leaves the bag. This way, all the foods and drinks remain chilled for a very long time, with minimal interference from external factors, more especially hot air.

Major parts of the bag have been built to last. They are durable. The zipper is one such accessory. It’s designed using the Hydrolok mechanism.

All your essentials are kept dry. Regardless, nothing hampers the cooling process. 

The additional thick shell is also responsible for keeping foods and drinks in the cooler dry. Because of the tough construction, this bag proves to be resistant to abrasion.


  • Straps have been provided to ensure that users are comfortable whenever they are carrying the bags.
  • This model is constructed with tough materials. It can withstand any kind of torture or abuse.
  • Zippers are designed with the Hydrolok technique. Cooler contents are kept dry as a result.
  • It’s an airtight cooler. It’s also waterproof to prevent moisture from destroying food items.


  • It’s an expensive bag.
  • Some users experienced problems with the zipper.



Being one of the most affordable models in the market, this portable cooler bag is a preferred choice for most purchasers. The construction of the bag is made possible using polyester. Polyester is tough and durable as well.

The cooler bag is thickly insulated on the sides to reduce the rate at which cold air escapes. Carrying the bag from place to place is made easier with the provision of strong shoulder straps. These can’t tear off.

The handle has also been reinforced with rubber padding. When readying the bag for use, cleaning is vital. The cleaning process to be incorporated when preparing the cooler for use is quite straightforward.


  • Thermos is an affordable portable cooler bag. You can save a lot of funds by purchasing it.
  • Polyester is a tough material. It makes the bag more durable.
  • The bag is thoroughly insulated to minimize heat gain and prevent cold air from finding its way out.
  • There are shoulder straps that aid in safe carriage. Additionally, the handle has been reinforced with a rubber padding.
  • The bag is easy to clean.
  • Pockets on the exterior provide additional space for storage.


  • The bag is expensive.
  • Buyers complained that there was no front zipper pocket as provided in the advertising pictures.

BISON Coolers


These models are designed in the USA. They are quality models that won’t disappoint. These cooler bags can keep foods and drinks chilled for 24 hours straight. This is noteworthy for a portable cooler bag.

When purchasing these models, buyers are assured of a 2 year warranty. Apart from being extraordinary in ice retention, BISON coolers are spacious models. They can hold up to 12 canned drinks, comfortably without overstuffing.


  • These coolers are quality models. They are built in the USA hence the assurance that they perform optimally.
  • The 2 year warranty guarantees that you can contact the manufacturer in case any damage occurs to the model and it’s vital that it’s replaced.
  • The model can keep canned beverages for as long as 24 hours.
  • It’s a spacious cooler bag. You can stuff 12 cans of drinks in it.


  • It’s expensive.
  • The bag is constructed using poor quality materials.

What you need to consider when choosing the best portable cooler bag

Forget the unwieldiness often associated with bulky and traditional hard shelled coolers. Adopting portable cooler bags into your daily routine will greatly impact your progress, not only when reporting for work but also when enjoying the serenity of nature and its elements.

The dynamic characteristics of portable coolers give you more control over your lifestyle. Essentials such as drinks, food and medication come easy to your disposal.

That’s not all. In case you may need to attend an activity far from home for days, putting the portable cooler bag at the top of your carriage necessities would guarantee a safe and healthy stay. Nothing would trouble your dietary plans.

The main reason for the recommendation of these bags is the convenience that comes with prolonged use. The models are designed to keep contents cold. Low temperatures would ensure foods and drinks stay chilled without falling short of their nutritive value.

To minimize interference from external temperatures, top, bottom and side walls of many portable cooler bags have been reinforced with thick insulations. The cold air responsible for prolonged storage will barely find its way out.

Ice retention in portable cooler bags is just as good as in conventional coolers. In addition, all the cooler bags built by manufacturers are designed to be extremely mobile.

There are so many benefits associated with the use of portable cooler bags. We combined major advantages and features, to come up with a number of factors that influence performance, selection and workability of the models.

With these guidelines, it is possible to determine the nature of portable cooler bags and how to choose the best from the wide variety that is offered in markets.

Ease of transportation/mobility

Portable cooler bags can easily be carried from place to place without breaking as much as a sweat. Most of the bags have been designed with shoulder-straps that are firmly attached to the exteriors.

The placement of straps depends on how convenient the bag will be to carry. Therefore, you may find that some bags have more than two straps while others are  only built with one.

These straps aren’t just built to aid in carriage of the bags. The goal of manufacturers today is to ensure you have all you need close by, without experiencing any inconveniences with the storage designs.

Comfort’s achievable with the inclusion of shoulder-straps as they aid in the distribution of the bag’s weight. This way, the bag can rest on your back and shoulders for a long time without causing discomfort, even when filled to the brim.


You can take the bag wherever you go on an everyday basis. The most elementary point of attendance for a majority of us is the workplace.

Even when not reporting for work, you can still enjoy a day out with friends or family as a number of bags can easily be filled with food and drinks that can last an entire crew a whole day.

In case you are going out in groups, you can consider acquiring a few storage units. These can cater satisfactorily for larger numbers.


It’s totally safe and convenient to carry any portable cooler bag anywhere regardless of the mode of transport you intend to use. You can carry it when journeying by train, public transport and even your own car.

Additionally, you can pack your child’s favorite meals and drinks before seeing them off to school.

For a growing child, a healthy supply of drinks and food aids in faster growth. Portable cooler bags are small and lightweight. Children can easily carry them to and from school, for break and lunch purposes, and still manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Finding a good bag for your child is recommendable, especially if your son or daughter engages in a sporting activity at school. Outdoor games tend to wear children fast. To replenish lost water and energy, it’s advisable that food and hydration drinks are kept close by.

A portable cooler bag would ensure they concentrate more on the sport, spend more time close to the pitch and avoid wasting time finding a convenient place to grab a bite.

With a cooler bag, all you’ll need to do is stash them fruits and sandwiches for the duration they’ll be out for practice.


Campers who have already tried out portable cooler bags in the course of adventuring have indeed appreciated remarkable performance of the models. When camping, you can go anywhere you want, as long as you have your bag intact.

With a cooler bag in place, you won’t waste time trying to return to camp for as long as a day. Even when you get lost, you can still camp out in the wild with a few essentials near your reach.

One feature that’s made portable cooler bags remarkably effective for camping is the improved insulation properties. The bags don’t lose cold air fast. Similarly, ice doesn’t melt for a very long time.

Visiting the beach

Exploring beach sites sometimes leaves you hot , thirsty and drained. It pays to have a good cooler bag as your companion when hanging out around beach areas. You can stash a few cold drinks and enjoy your visit without interruptions.

The bags are convenient particularly when exploring off-grid beach sites, as such places are often remote thus harder to access basic amenities.


Most athletes work out more compared to average persons. Nevertheless, hydration is key for every one who intends to live a healthy lifestyle. Athletes who exercise tend to lose a lot of moisture in the process through sweat.

To recover lost water, it’s imperative that constant hydration routines are strictly adhered to.

It’s especially difficult to keep drinks cold when exercising out on the track. Having a portable cooler bag while training outdoors is one way to sustain your training program with minimal distraction.

Dry multiple storage units in one bag

Manufacturers have made portable cooler bags more convenient with the addition of compartments where you can store dry essentials. These include mobile and electronic gadgets, cutlery and a few pieces of cloth, in case you have a child tagging along.

The created compartments are usually dry and waterproof. Nothing will pass through to cause damage to items stored in the units.

The utility of portable cooler bags

Mobile cooler bags are beneficial to users in a number of ways. The most obvious advantage of acquiring these bags is they are easier to carry around. They are small and compact, they can fit in the smallest of spaces and still be light and comfortable on your shoulder or back.

  1. a) Sporting events and activities

Once or twice a year, we engage in global or nationwide sporting events. These can take place anywhere around you.

They are usually conducted in outdoor arenas, and some can be hosted in the remotest of places, areas where it’s impossible to find a store or joint to purchase food and drinks.

On a few occasions, organizers build temporary kiosks, but these are often teeming with endless lines. Even when you find your way through, the cost of items is oft high and hard to meet.

The best solution for such an occasion would be to carry with you a portable bag. This guarantees you a safe and healthy bite or drink, with the double option to savor the show without moving an inch.

  1. b) Taking in natural splendor

Doctors and health experts recommend taking time off busy schedules for a day or two, to spend time around nature. They say it’s a healing process.

Regardless of how it looks, the process actually works. Spending your time in the raw essence of nature helps relax and calm your body, mind and soul. It also betters mental health and brain development, so, yes, it’s beneficial.

Natural splendor is at its epitome in remote areas. Visiting such places calls for the need for all-in-one kits, where you can store all essentials and easily access them in the wilderness. This way, you keep more time to yourself and nature.

  1. c) Convenience during lunch times and when traveling

The middle meal is as essential as any other. A substantive dietary plan for lunch guarantees you improved health and more energy. Likewise, storing food or drinks in a suitable cooler bag warrants you fresh and safe meals.

In the same way, the portable cooler bag is the ultimate hydration solution when traveling.

Sometimes you may be journeying through exotic places where it’s hard to find a restaurant or food joint. With a bag at the back of your car seat, mealtime will be much safer and easily accessible.


Most portable cooler bags are affordable. However, choosing a suitable model is entirely a process that depends on your needs; do you need a bag for camping, going out for sports, hunting, fishing or working?

Regardless the nature of purpose, the bag you choose should be a quality product with a durable design. Notably, however, most quality bags are highly priced, so it’s advisable that you invest in a quality model that won’t disappoint.

Cleaning portable cooler bags

It’s very easy to clean most bags. Before attempting any step, check the bag for tags indicating the steps to be followed when washing or cleaning.

Nonetheless, in case you are unsure of the steps, you can always begin by taking out the contents of the bag and any other specks of food scattered in it. Consequently, use a moist piece of cloth to wipe inner parts of the model.

After leaving it to dry, use a solution of lukewarm water and sodium bicarbonate, to remove any residing mold. Finally, use a sponge and a detergent to scrub the bag softly. Afterward, you can rinse with clean water and hang out until it’s dried completely.


The convenience that comes with the acquisition of portative cooler bags has made them rather popular in recent times. The bag offers you the opportunity to stuff everything you need, drinks, snacks in one accessory, all in safe condition and ready to be consumed at any time.

This has been achievable with a number of modifications and adaptations. Factors such as insulation have been improved. Storage has been compartmentalized. There are multiple storage spaces for different essentials.

Remarkably, the portable cooler is a game changer in the cooler universe. It’s essentially for anyone who would love to change his or her lifestyle for the better.

The BUILT portable cooler bag is a model to consider. Despite the small design, it’s proven to be tough and durable. It’s made of polyester, a rugged fabric.

You can fit 10 cans of beverage in this bag without compromising it’s tensile strength. It’s leak proof and suitable for a wide variety of outdoor hangout experiences, ranging from beach visits to sports meetings, walks in the park, camping in the forest and even fishing.

There is virtually no limits to what the BUILT portable cooler bag can do.

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