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Best Kayak Cooler

Best Kayak Cooler

Top Coolers for Kayaks

One of the best outdoor activities you can undertake is kayaking. The feel of the wind on your face, water spraying on your face makes you feel alive. But the trip is not complete without a cooler to keep your drinks cold and the fish you have caught fresh.

The best kayak coolers are built to fit the limited space available in the kayaks and to be rigid enough to withstand the vigorous outdoor water activities. Finding such ice chests on the market is not as easy as many think.

For instance, you need a waterproof ice chest if you are going for a kayak fishing trip; in addition, the cooler needs to be stable and sturdy. Not all the coolers are meant for kayaking; knowing the right ice chest could be a game-changer for you. 

Five of the best kayak coolers available on the market have been reviewed in detail. Also, the pros and cons of each product have been outlined for you. The aim of this, the article is to give you an easy time while shopping for your cooler, therefore take your time and go through the post.

Top Kayak Cooler List

Perception Kayaks -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
IceMule4.9 out of 5 stars
Seattle Sports4.7 out of 5 stars
Reliable Fishing Products 4.6 out of 5 stars
Wilderness Systems4.5 out of 5 stars

 Perception Kayaks



Splash Tankwell ice chests from perception kayaks are one of the best coolers for kayaking. These 40 liters capacity coolers have a sleek design and shape that fits nicely in the tank well area of most kayaks. 

For convenient storage, the product is equipped with four D-rings on the corners to secure the cooler on the kayak firmly. The cooler has adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry it on the back when the need arises.

Also, it has a handle on the top that will enable you to carry it using hands. The half-inch insulation is what is behind the miraculous cooling effect of this product. Your snacks and drinks will remain cold and fresh all day long, thanks to the foam used as thermal insulation.

The zippered opening makes it easy to access your stuff inside the cooler without much hassling.


  • The product perfectly fits in the storage compartment of most kayaks
  • The D-rings is essential in securing the cooler on the canoe
  • The product is manufactured with high-quality material 


  • Leakages may occur after using the product for some time
  • The zippers are not the most durable ones






IceMule are continuing their top-notch line of coolers with this classic insulated backpack cooler bag. The cooler can not only be used during a canoe trip but also on a camping and hiking trip; this makes it a multipurpose product.

The product is collapsible; this is a plus since it can easily be rolled up and stored until the next trip, this also makes it easy to store as it will take up a small space. Another great property of the cooler is that it is made using water-resistant materials.

While you are out in the water in your paddled boat, things can get crazy sometimes with the sudden waves and rising tides you never know when you will be hit. Thanks to the IceMule, their classic collapsible cooler bag can float on water.

In the rare event that you are hit by a huge wave and the cooler topples over into the water, you will be sure of retrieving it. The welded seams and leak-proof zippers enable the cooler to keep your beverages cold for a full day.

It is also essential to note that this collapsible cooler is compatible with dry ice and comes with two padded shoulder straps effortlessly carrying around the product.


  • Variety of sizes to choose from
  • It is made using water-resistant material
  • Can float on water


  • The cooler bag can get wet from condensation
  • The shoulder straps wear quickly.


Seattle Sports


Roll Catch ice chest by Seattle Sports is another great product for those who love fishing in waters using battled boats. This product will keep you catch fresh for most of the day. Its length makes it even more convenient for storing long fish.

The double insulation plays a vital role in maintaining your sea catch fresh for more extended periods. The external lining is made using a shiny vinyl material that reflects the heat away; this makes it more efficient.

After using the cooler a couple of times, you will need to clean it, with the Roll Catch; the cleaning has been made easy by the removable double internal lining. Although to avoid frequent cleaning, you could use a garbage bag on the inside.

One thing you are going to love about this cooler is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price. Also, it is fitted with four adjustable tie-downs for holding it down on the canoe.


  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • It is highly efficient
  • Keeps ice for a longer duration of time 


  • Some customers have reported that cleaning the inner lining is quite difficult
  • Without the front bungee on the kayak, the product doesn’t easily attach


Reliable Fishing Products


The Reliable fishing products are one of the leading producers in canoe coolers, and they know what their customer expects and do deliver. Their insulated kayak cooler bag is a high-end fish kill bag. 

Try not to squander your cash for cheap ones, you won’t get your full value out of them, and you’ll simply be baffled with how they hold ice. Simply spend somewhat more cash on quality and keep ice throughout the day.

The bag is made from materials that are resistant to mildew; this is essential as it prevents any fungi’ growth, thereby eliminating the possibility of fungi-related health issues. Also, it is made from UV resistant materials.

The interior is quite easy to clean; on the sides, there are three carrying handles for easy portability. The product retains ice for long, thus keeping your catch fresh for a more extended time.


  • The interior is easy to clean
  • Sturdy handles
  • The length of the cooler makes it suitable for larger catches.


  • The product is relatively heavy
  • Some customers find the price tag to be a bit expensive.




Wilderness Systems


With regards to a blistering summer’s outing on the water, having a quality cooler bag will, without a doubt, make your time more enjoyable. Sit back and appreciate a cold, refreshing beverage while lazing on a lake with the best cooler bag keeping your catch and drinks cold.

If you kayak fish for the big deal – yellowtail or rockfish, and so on, this is the catch bag! It is dependable and top-notch craftsmanship and is intended for the rowing kayak fisherman IMO. The insulated catch cooler manufactured by the Wilderness systems fits on most sit-on-top kayaks.

The extra-thick insulation ensures that your catch, along with beverages and snacks, stays fresh all day long. Multiple compartments provide enough room for the storage of all your gears. The bottom of the product is rigid and elevated; this is very important as it allows excess water in the tank well to drain out.

The mesh net on top of the cooler provides an additional storage unit; besides that, the multiple access point allows for easy using and accessing your stuff inside the bag. The main storage unit designed for keeping your catch is made with durable material to withstand damaging fish fins.

The product is also designed to be worn on the back like other backpacks, this makes it easy to move around with it.


  • Extra thick insulation
  • Small and compact
  • Highly durable


  • The cooler does not retain its original shape when strapped down; you may damage your catch if you tightly strap it down.
  • Some customers claim that the bag leaks occasionally.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Kayak Coolers

After reading about the best coolers for kayaking, what is next? The next logical step is to give you a buying guide that will help you make a wise purchase choice. Selecting kayaking cooler could be tricky; with many variables to look for, it is not an easy task. 

The market is full of all types of ice chest, and getting the one with the right properties is challenging for many people. Not all coolers can be used during kayaking, keeping in mind that canoe is small in size, the cooler bags that can be sued are therefore limited by size.

Whether you a kayaker for leisure or an adrenaline junkie, the perfect product for you is out there; this section focuses on the tips to look for while buying your cooler bag to get the most out of every trip to the water.

Take your time and go through this section, we have also suggested the best product for you, after perusing this buying guide you shouldn’t have any problems getting the right product at a reasonable price.


Most people consider kayaking to be a therapeutic activity. It is one of those things that can truly uplift your soul and wash off stress. However, the activity remains a pass-time activity, and when working with a tight budget, it is crucial to be cautious of how much is spent that way.

An excellent point to note is that most of these coolers come at an affordable price that can fit on almost any budget. There is no logic restraining you from spoiling yourself with a high-end model; however, you do not have to part with lots of hard-earned money to get a reliable kayak cooler! 

You should keep in mind how often you plan to use the product and the kind of task you intend to use it on. There is no point in buying a large, expensive product when you only need one that can hold a few beer cans on your annual fishing adventure.

Size of the product, materials used in constructing the product, additional features, and brand name are some of the features that determine the price of a product. You should compare the prices of products in the same category to evaluate whether the product will value your money.


One of the first questions you need to ask yourself before rushing to buy a kayak cooler is, how much are you bringing with you? Are you looking for a large cooler that can carry enough drinks and food for two? Or are you looking for a small bag enough for a person?

Such questions will help you choose the right cooler for your trip. You don’t want a situation where you are out in the water, and you run out of drinks and snacks because you didn’t pack enough due to the cooler’s small storage capacity.

Talking about the capacity, focusing on the size of the cooler itself is not enough; you also need to focus on the size of the canoe. If you have a kayak with limited storage, look for flexible soft cooler bags because they can easily store in the canoe’s interior.

For increased security and stability, use soft shell cooler bags that can fit inside the kayak’s hatch easily. On the other hand, if you have a canoe with a lot of space, go for hard shell coolers. Find one with a large storage capacity that will securely sit on your boat without getting in your way.


Knowing the activities that you will undertake while in the lake is very important in helping you buy the right cooler bag. For example, fish coolers are meant to carry your catches. Knowing this, you need to buy one that is sturdy and with enough room to accommodate the type of fish.

On the other hand, if you are just after rowing in the water with no intentions of fishing, you could go for a much smaller and ordinary ice chest, one with enough space to carry your drinks and snacks.


The material used in the manufacturing of the cooler bag and ice chest greatly determines its properties; therefore, it is vital to factor in the product’s material before buying one.

The material may determine the durability of the product, weight, bouncy properties, just to mention a few. Materials that do not absorb water will make good floating cooler bags. Heavy ice chests are as a result of bulky materials.

If you have a kayak with a small storage room, it would be wiser to go for cooler bags made using flexible material as it will be easy to roll up and squeeze it in a small space or stow it aware.


Ordinarily, having a waterproof cooler is likely not something on your list. At the point when you are searching for one for use on a kayak, it should be. Most coolers you will find on the market are waterproof. 

High-end coolers will be watertight and airproof too. This is especially perfect for the kayaking individuals as you will wind up in wet and capricious circumstances. The benefits of using a waterproof ice chest while undertaking a canoe fishing trip are endless. 

You will be sure that your drinks and foodstuff inside the bag will be safe and free from any damage caused by water interference. Also, waterproof cooler bags tend to float on water because they do not absorb it.

You could, therefore, use such a floating cooler to take a video of yourself while enjoying fishing adventures. And in case the cooler falls on water, well, you can always recover it; you also never know when you are going to need it a floater for those who don’t know how to swim. 

Ice retention

This is one of the most significant factors to consider while purchasing a kayak cooler. All things considered, what great is your cooler on the off chance that it doesn’t keep your stuff cold? 

The cooler you are picking ought to be sufficiently insulated to keep the ice and other cold items you put in there frozen or cold. The cooler you pick will probably publicize this quality in terms of hours; it is evaluated to keep cool.

Excellent kayaking cooler bags should keep your snacks and drinks cool for about 24 to 72 hours. While you likely needn’t bother with this long, understand when out on a lake you will have direct sunlight hitting it in all directions.

Thus picking something on the higher finish of this range is a smart thought. If you are thinking of using the coolers for longer periods, you should get one with the maximum ice-retention capabilities. 


The portability of kayak coolers can be evaluated in several aspects, including size, weight, compactness, and anchorage.

Most kayaks are characterized by small storage spaces. Large kayaks have relatively bigger spaces in which most coolers can fit. On the other hand, smaller kayaks tend to have relatively smaller spaces or none at all. 

It is, therefore, important to know what size of the product will work well with your kayak. Some manufacturers make models that can float on water and therefore do not need to be carried on the kayak as they can be tied on the kayak and be pulled along, saving you space on the kayak.

A good product should have features in place that can be used to secure it on the kayak. Some products have suction mechanisms that can be used to fasten it on the surface of the carriage; this is an important feature, especially when dealing with tides and rough waters.


The durability of any product has a big role to play when it comes to how a product serves you. It, therefore, goes without saying that you have also to consider this factor when looking to buy a kayak cooler.

In most cases, the frequency of use, conditions under which the product is used, and materials of a cooler determine its durability.

Some people head out in the water to kayak for less than two times a year, while others do it two to three times a week. You need to figure out how often you will be using the product before buying it, as this will save you from a lot of frustration and spending lots of money on repairs.

If you are planning to use the product frequently, you definitely have to go for a durable model. These are mostly made of heavy-duty material that can withstand long hours of exposure to elements, extreme weather conditions, and rough waters.

Most standard products in the market are suitable for common tasks like storing cans and ice. Even though these products can work perfectly in keeping your refreshments cold, some are made of soft fabric material that can be easily pierced by fish spikes.

If you are looking for a cooler to keep your day’s catch fresh, you should consider going for models made of heavy-duty material.


Are you still there? Good to know that you are still reading this review. In this section, we are going to advise you on which product to settle on that is if you are still not sure what to buy.

You can’t go wrong with any of the cooler bags on this rundown. Every one of them gives amazing cooling capabilities and are entirely intended to take with you on the water. Yet, in any competition, there must be a winner. So what’s your best pick?

Of the five products that we have reviewed, we highly recommended that you go for the Splash TankWell by the Perception Kayaks. The product fits in most kayaks open storage areas. It has a half thick insulation that helps keep your drinks cold for a longer time. 

Another thing you will like about the cooler bag is its backpack design; this will enable you to carry it on the back. Also, the heavy opening top fitted with heavy-duty zipper allows easy access to drinks.

Before going out for your next canoe fishing adventure, make sure you are equipped with the Splash Tank Well from Perception Kayaks. You can buy one now, here do not hesitate to place your order.

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