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Best Inflatable Floating Cooler

Best Inflatable Floating Cooler

What is the Best Cooler Tube for River Floating?

Oftentimes one would not be willing to halt the absolute ecstatic feeling that comes out of a soothing light breeze flavored with a fine touch of tranquility and panoramic views – to get out of their swimming pools or ocean just to get a drink or snack. 

For many people who enjoy spending time at the swimming pool or those who enjoy going further into the ocean – you definitely like it if you have all the drinks you need just at hand.

Fortunately, today we have multiple inflatable floating coolers which can hold your drinks keeping them at the right temperature, floating right beside you in the water. They are more versatility by their nature so that you can deflate them easily and carry them around. Most inflatable coolers offer more utility than just cooling your drinks.

While it is easy to think of acquiring a floating cooler, at times, establishing the fit inflatable one might be wearisome. If you had trouble trying to pick the appropriate inflatable cooler, thou shan’t worry no more because here, we list the best selection of floating coolers. 

Top Inflatable Cooler List

Intex Mega Chill II, -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Air Pong Table Cooler4.9 out of 5 stars
Intex River Run Floating Cooler4.7 out of 5 stars
CoolerZ Inflatable Cooler4.6 out of 5 stars
Kelsyus Floating Cooler4.5 out of 5 stars

Intex Mega Chill II,


This is a fresh inflatable cooler crafted artfully by Intex Recreation Corp (first of all trust Intex to build you amazing pool products). The Mega Chill II has a wide rectangular base measuring about 48 by 38 inches with an ice chest at its top and six cup holes.

Its removable ice chest is massive enough to hold up to 72 cans with ice on it. The top ice chest can be replaced with a 48 quart cooler (anyone who cares more about storing drinks for longer periods of time is taken care of). The 7.4-pound inflatable cooler has been detailed enough so that it looks so stunning you can hardly deny its fine looks.

The Mega Chill II is definitely the most acclaimed cooler in this list. 


  • Large storage capacity.
  • Great price. The 48” by 38” retails at $50.00 on most online retailers.
  • It is incredibly stable. The cooler can hold a 45 quart loaded cooler and balance easily without a hint of toppling over.


  • It doesn’t have the tightest lid ever so you will have to be careful when waves gain more fury. 

Air Pong Table Cooler


This is a flat 7-foot long rectangular “pong table” having an inbuilt cooler with a detachable cooler lid; and lots of cup holes on it. It is made out of thick long-lasting polyvinyl that resists pops and tears. It has two inflatable triangle supports for racks. This type of cooler is the best choice for pool parties or pong game at the pool.


  • Large in-built cooler at its center that can hold more than 18 cans and ice. Sure, you won’t require to install yet another cooler!
  • Easy to inflate and deflate. It has an easy-to-operate valve, allowing air in or out of its base.
  • It is credibly stable. Even when you and your friends turn the party up to violet splashing and chasing, the pong table maintains its balance.


  • The ice can melt quite easily. The inbuilt cooler wasn’t made to keep the ice for long.

Intex River Run Floating Cooler


It is a great looking compact inflatable cooler with fancy ergonomics. Even by its small size, the cooler could hold more than 20 cans in its compartment. It has a Velcro flap at its lid. The flap can be completely detached making it easy to load drinks or snacks into the compartment. The cooler is ideal for just a few people. 


  • It is fairly priced. It sells at less than $14.00 on most online retailers.
  •  It is easy to carry around. When River Run Floating Cooler is deflated, it becomes small and compact enough to be fit in a backpack.
  • The cooler has stunning looks. Intex once again upheld its prowess in the design and finishing of the River Run Floating cooler.


  • The Velcro flap doesn’t close the compartment tightly. It isn’t built to survive strong winds.
  • Since it has a relatively small base, it can topple over simply.

CoolerZ Inflatable Cooler


This is another low-cost compact mobile floating inflatable cooler. Built by Bestway Inflatables & Material Corp. , the small cooler weighs about 1.6 pounds and could carry up to 12 cans. It has six cup holes to hold your cups and two carrying handles on either side of its base. It keeps the ice solid for quite some time.

However, if you plan to spend more time in the water, you should carry extra ice to top up when the first load melts.


  • It is easy to inflate or deflate. You can literally blow air through the valve, fill it up then set off to your aqua-picnic right on time.
  • It is cheap. If you plan to acquire an inflatable floating cooler that doesn’t do much damage to your wallet, be proud to get this.
  • It is compact, therefore, easy to transport.


  • It requires extra support to prevent it from tipping over. 

Kelsyus Floating Cooler


Weighing about just a little over 1.5 pounds, Kelsyus Floating cooler is the most compact, practical and convenient inflatable cooler listed here.

It is built out of heavy duty fabric covering an insulated ice chest.  It rises to about 16.5” high and carries up to 12 cans. It has a soft side storage with a zipper lid, six numbered cup holes and can fold into a hand held back.

This cooler is simple to operate. Though it looks small, its compartment is surprisingly deep, you can fit a two-litre bottle of soda together with a few more mini cans.


  • The cooler has a zipper lip so when it tips over everything inside stays safe. You won’t lose your valuable bottle of beer.
  • The cooler’s compartment sits on a base made in such a way that it spreads wide on the surface of water increasing its stability.
  • The cooler is very practical.


  • You need an air pump to “blow it up”. Its nature of holding in inflated air makes it hard to blow the air inside.

Buying guide

Unlike other types of coolers, a floating cooler requires you to be extra careful in details if you are going to choose the one that best suits your needs. Although buying an inflatable cooler may seem like a luxurious thing to do, it’s not.

You will appreciate the presence of your floatable cooler next to you in the hot summer seasons where all you want to do is stay hydrated. The floatable coolers may not be as effective as the other coolers in ice retention, but they also have their silver lining.

There are many factors you need to take into account before choosing an inflatable cooler. For example, its stability, effectiveness, ease of transport, and portability. Considering such factors helps you to narrow down on the best coolers in the market.


The main purpose of an inflatable cooler is to float on water, saving you from the hassle of having to get out to refresh yourself with a drink. Therefore, when looking for a floatable ice chest, make sure that you get a more stable one.

It would be sad for your pool party to be cut short by a capsized cooler because it couldn’t stand a few waves.

You might be wondering how you will know which cooler is more stable. Using simple physics knowledge, you can determine a stable cooler just by looking at its design. Those that have a wide base are more stable than those with a small base.

Also, the height of an inflatable cooler plays a major role in determining the stability; coolers with a short height tend to be more stable than those with extended height because of the reduced center of gravity responsible for instability.

We would suggest that before buying any product, read the manufacturer’s review of the product, and ensure that they have openly highlighted the product’s stability. 


Another crucial factor to keep in mind while selecting a floatable cooler is its size; inflatable ice chests come in different sizes. Knowing the right size that will serve you just right is the key to buying the right cooler.

First off, you need to determine where you will be using the cooler. Will it be in a pool, the river or lake?  Remember that if you are using your cooler in a pool, you don’t want to buy a massive one.

Yes, for sure large coolers will provide you with enough storage space to hold drinks for many people, but it might get into your way and hinder swimming. Is that what you want? 

Therefore, after a cooler that will serve you at a pool party, consider going for a small ice chest enough to store all your drinks. On the other hand, if you will be partying in the river or the lake, it would be smart to use a large cooler since there will be enough room for you to swim if need be. 

As you consider the size of the cooler also factor in the ease of storing it. A small cooler will be easy to store than a larger cooler, which may take up too much space.

Also, keep in mind that too large a floatable ice chest may pose a difficulty in inflating. Therefore, you need to prepare on the how you are going to inflate a large cooler if you decide on getting one.


While you are shopping for your summer cooler, one thing that you must consider before selecting your final product is the portability. Is it easy to carry around? Is it easy to deflate and inflate? These are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself.

You need to know how much space your deflated ice chest will occupy in your vehicle; does it leave room for you to carry other essentials too? One thing that makes inflatable coolers unique is their ease in transporting.

Unlike other steel made coolers, they are easily stored away after deflating, making them highly portable. You need to check on the additional features that the cooler has, which will allow you to easily move it around in the swimming pool or the river. 

In the case of the river or a lake, it would be wise for you to buy an inflatable ice chest with a feature like a handle that can allow you to tie and drag it with your boat.


Always do researches to determine the material that was used to manufacture the cooler you want to buy. The fabric plays a crucial role in determining the weight of the cooler and its durability.

Some of the common materials used in making floatable coolers include plastics and polyvinyl. Each of these materials has a different mass, which will, in turn, affect the overall weight of the cooler.

Inflatable coolers made using heavy material will have substantial weight, and this will result in difficulty in staying afloat, meaning that chances of such a boat capsizing are high. Luckily many floatable coolers are made using polymers and plastics.

This means that in case of a puncture, repairing will be easy; all you will need is glue and a few other tools that you can easily get in your garage. 


It would help if you also considered how durable the cooler you want to buy is; the first step you can take is to start by reading customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website. You will find most of the information you may need on any product.

Material is one of the factors that determines the durability of inflatable coolers. For instance, waterproof materials are the best since they make coolers that don’t wet or absorb water; thus, such coolers easily stay afloat. 

Durable inflatable coolers won’t easily tear and will serve you for as long as possibly intended by the manufacturer.

Aesthetic appeal

You are looking to buy a cooler for your pool party; you better buy a product that will add taste to your party. You don’t want a cooler that kills the mood. We all have different preferences, and that is what should guide you in buying the most suitable floatable cooler. 

Like other types, inflatable colors come in different colors and designs; it is up to you to decide the color that you like. You could buy a cooler that rhymes with the surrounding environment of where your party will be.

Most importantly, make sure that whichever the cooler you decide to buy, it is fully functional and effectively performs its intended purpose, which is to keep your drinks cold.   


As far as ice retention is concerned, floatable coolers cannot be compared with other types of coolers. They don’t hold ice for long; they are mainly used to keep drinks cold for most of the day.

It would be smart to do your research about each product and buy the one with the longest ice retention capabilities. After all, what good is a floatable cooler that can’t keep drinks cold?

The one good thing about effective products is that they require little maintenance cost, and in the end, you will have saved some money. 

These are not all the considerations you can or should make before purchasing an inflatable floating cooler. They are, however, a good starting point if you still desire to have a smooth experience. Putting all matters into consideration, always go for your preference.

What your heart desires wins the day, however much it costs. Of course, it should serve you optimally!


An inflatable floating cooler will serve you well the next time you’re swimming or relaxing in water, and would like to easily access your food or drinks. These are coolers specific to their purpose, but will also offer extra support for your bottles, and even extended support on the top for dishes.

There are many inflatable floating coolers available out there. However, the Intex Mega Chill II proves to have what it takes.

This is a fresh inflatable cooler crafted artfully by Intex Recreation Corp (first of all trust Intex to build you amazing pool products). The Mega Chill II has a wide rectangular base measuring about 48 by 38 inches with an ice chest at its top and six cup holes.

Its removable ice chest is massive enough to hold up to 72 cans with ice on it. The top ice chest can be replaced with a 48 quart cooler (anyone who cares more about storing drinks for longer periods of time is taken care of). The 7.4-pound inflatable cooler has been detailed enough so that it looks so stunning you can hardly deny its fine looks.


Get this the Intex Mega Chill II today!

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