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Best Beach Cooler

Best Beach Cooler

What is the Best Rolling Cooler for Beach Days?

Summer is here! It is that time of the year to hunt for a suitable holiday destination. You could never go wrong, selecting a beach. However, such places will cost you a fortune if you have to purchase their food or drinks. Which is where the beach cooler comes in. 

Not only will it enable you to cool your consumables anywhere but also anytime. Which means that it will still come handy once you get back home. For instance, you could go camping to have a good time with your family or friends. 

Some breastfeeding mothers use it to store milk for their babies while they are away. The question, however, is about the cooler you will settle for. There are many out there from different manufacturers, which may cause some confusion. But what are you looking for? 

Is it a durable one? Or one that is more affordable? It could also be its style or the ease of carrying it around. The good news is that you are in the right place to find out more about them. And to make your hunt less exhausting, below are five coolers that I recommend that you take your time to go through whenever you are free:

Top Beach Cooler List

Coleman -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Polar Bear 4.9 out of 5 stars
Arctic Zone4.7 out of 5 stars
Yeti Hopper4.6 out of 5 stars
Coleman Soft4.5 out of 5 stars


Some cooling boxes can host microorganisms, which might be harmful to your health. That is not the case with this one due to its lining of anti-microbial nature. It also has a cutting board to prevent fungus and mold and also ensure that there is no odor.

What about its durability? The cooler is made from heavy material that prevents damage due to the UV rays. Its hinges can also withstand corrosion. As for its efficiency, it retains ice for up to six days, which gives you the go-ahead to go to the beach or even camp for a few days.

It is also easy to carry around even when it is full to the brim because of its handles, which are made from rope. It is also unique as using dry ice is an option, unlike the others. And once you are done using it, it is very easy to get rid of the excess water.

You can never be sure about your cooler; hence Coleman is fitted with a lock that can accommodate a padlock of two and a half inches. 


  • Safe to store food and drinks
  • Can retain ice for six days and at a maximum temperature of ninety degrees
  • Durable
  • Enables you to lock it


  • It is heavier than other options in the market
  • A few customers are not satisfied with its draining area as it sweats due to no insulation

Polar Bear

I like this product because it comes with a saddle at the bottom for support, which gives it a nice shape. But what else does it bring to the table? For instance, for how long does it maintain the cooling effect? 

For a total of twenty-four hours even when the heat is at a temperature of a hundred degrees.

And just like the one above, it is safe for human use since it comes with an anti-microbial liner on the inner side to prevent the growth of microorganisms. 

Regarding its durability, it is made from a hard type of nylon and is resistant to rust. It also comes with a zipper, four tie-down positions, and a strap for the shoulder, which is padded to ensure you do not strain. 

And if you have a color that you prefer, it comes in black, green, navy, orange, and red for you to choose from. 


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Has an anti-microbial lining 
  • Fitted with a padded shoulder strap
  • Durable
  • Can withstand rust
  • Equipped with a saddle at the bottom for support
  • Good to go for twenty-four hours 


  • A customer complained that there were no straps for the buckles

Arctic Zone

Zippers can get ruined anytime and cause a mess. Fortunately, this cooler features a lid that you can flip to open, making it easy for you to access it. It also works for a maximum of two days. 

It is partitioned to include front and side pockets for you to keep the items that do not go stale. 

It also considers that some foodstuffs are lighter in weight than others and can, therefore, be stored in the top section. In case food or drinks spill, it is designed to ensure that there are no leakages. 

Since the cooler has to be clean always, it may please you to know that the inner part will not pose any challenges. And to make it easier for you to move around, it is fitted with a shoulder strap.


  • Retains ice for a maximum of two days
  • It is partitioned to suit your needs
  • Ensures that the contents do not leak out
  • Easy to clean
  • Features a shoulder strap 


  • Unfortunately, its price does not meet the expectations
  • A customer was not satisfied since the plastic liner broke the first time he used it

Yeti Hopper

Carrying a bag around can be tiring. Personally, if I am going to move a lot, I will prefer a smaller bag or no luggage at all. And if we are alike, then this bag could be perfect for you. It is not as large as most coolers.

If you are all about the style with the items you buy, you should consider Yeti Hopper with its outstanding tote make. The inner part is also waterproof and efficiently insulated to meet its function.

And how long can it keep your consumables cold and fresh? You can be sure that your food will not get spoilt for the next seventy-two hours. Will you be able to carry it around easily? Yes, you will. 

It is also fitted with a shoulder strap so that you can still carry other things on your free hands. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Comes with a bottle opener
  • Stylish
  • Fitted with a shoulder strap
  • It works for up to three days


  • The zipper may fail sometimes
  • Some customers complained that it is overpriced

Coleman Soft

Are you looking for a cooler with wheels? If you are, then this cooler could just be perfect for you. It means that all you have to do is pull it around and use less effort compared to other coolers.

And whenever you prefer straps, they are still fitted in this package. What about its cleaning? It is very easy to clean thanks to its interior, which is very smooth. Thus, you have to allocate only a few minutes to wash it. However, you will have to clear messes as soon as they happen. 

Failure to which will result in a smelly cooler that you won’t even want to open in front of other people. And that is not all since it comes in two colors, blue and gray, for you to select from. It can efficiently keep your drink cold for a maximum of three days, with the highest temperature being a hundred degrees.


  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in two colors
  • Maintains ice for three days
  • Has wheels and an additional strap


  • Has no shoulder straps
  • Absorbs odor 

Buying Guide

It is the twenty-first century. Many competitors are producing the same products. And as they may meet their function, they are still different in several ways. Therefore, you can compare their features using the factors that I am about to layout below.

I hope that you will have an easier time choosing the ideal one for you afterward. Without wasting time, let us get right into it.


Your budget is a very important factor to put into consideration. You should estimate the price that you feel you are more comfortable with. You might find that those expensive ones are more suitable, but you can’t afford them. 

And there is nothing wrong with that. That is why there is a variety in the market. “Cheap is expensive.” This statement is very true. A cheaper cooler is likely to be less durable than an expensive one. But that is not the case for all. 

Furthermore, if you won’t be using it more often, it will take longer to render it useless. Are you a “brand” person? Branded products are always very expensive, but they will never lack buyers. I am not saying that it is a bad thing. The issue is that you could be missing out on good products that cost less. 

Do not ignore the ones from upcoming manufacturers. Their deals could be better as they are trying to win the market. On the other hand, popular brands have confidence and do not feel the urge to offer more.

Therefore, you do not have to get loans to make such payments or dig deeper into your pockets if it will cost your rent.


A cooler is just a bag on the outside. Is the form of the essence to you? If yes, you should choose one that will complement your outfit at the beach. For instance, I reviewed one cooler with the tote look.

If you are okay with the other features it offers, then that is what you could carry home. Just remember that style comes after meeting functionality. 


What size will you prefer? Is it a large or smaller one? Just like any other product being offered by manufacturers, coolers come in different sizes. Some are smaller, while others are just the right size, and the others are big. What do you need?

If you have a family, you should consider the larger ones. It is because you want your kids to be satisfied and not just have a taste. Nobody likes that! Generally, the medium size is perfect for anyone. 

On the other hand, if you are alone, a smaller one is good to go for you. And just so you know, a beach is an ideal place to find a partner in case you are lonely!


Who wants to keep buying a new cooler every summer? No one! Prices keep going up every time. Therefore, if you can get one that you can use for a long time, it might be good for you. After all, you also want to buy other things. 

So how do you know that a cooler is durable? It should be made from a material that can withstand the harsh UV rays of the sun. Meaning that even if you spend most of your time at a beach, you are sure that it is almost as good as new. 

Some other things to look out for which some of the products I mentioned above meet include the hinges being non-corrosive and the inability to rust regardless of the conditions. Therefore, look out before making a choice.

However, the most durable ones are likely to be expensive, but it can’t be all of them. Therefore, go through their features keenly to find out.


Doctors have advised against the use of several items because of their impact on our health. And coolers aren’t an exception. Luckily, some coolers feature an anti-microbial lining to ensure that microbes do not grow and put you at risk of getting sick.

Therefore, it might be a good move to ask your manufacturer about it before the deal is done. Your health should always come first. Thus, you should consider the safest cooler, even if it is costly. 

If you can’t afford it right now, start saving up. I am sure that you will be able to purchase it soon. 


How secure is the cooler? You wouldn’t want to leave it beside your items for a few minutes and find the contents gone! Unfortunately, most of them are fitted with zippers, which are accessible to anyone and easily come off anytime. 

In the products I reviewed above, one of them is fitted with a lock that is perfect for a two and a half inches padlock. That means you can walk around or get into the water for a while since you are sure that your consumables are safe. 

But if you feel a beach is a safe place, or at least your food won’t get stolen, there are several coolers that you can pick from. But the more secure, the better!


This factor is very crucial. How should coolers be divided? Normally, they are partitioned differently as the companies see fit. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find out the one that suits you best. Some have upper and lower sections. 

Others have back and front pockets. For those with more than one compartment, you can put the soft food separate from the hard ones. It will prevent them from being squashed. As for the pockets, you can place snacks since they won’t get spoilt, or items that will be useful during the cooler’s use. 

Therefore, choose wisely on what you feel is best for you. For instance, if I were going to camp, I would prefer the one with side pockets. But for the beach day, I would go with the one whose interior is properly divided. 

Ease to clean

Another consideration that I shouldn’t forget to mention is how easy it is to clean the cooler. The exterior is usually easy to wash. The problem arises with the inner section, which is exposed to spills from drinks or food particles. 

Therefore, choosing one which is smooth and thus easy to wash is better. Moreover, you may have to clean it more often if it tends to retain the odor. And if you won’t, the next time you use it, your food will probably taste like that.


It is about how easy it is to carry the cooler. It could have wheels or shoulder straps. For the products above, one was outstanding and had rope handles. The good thing about it is that even when it is full, you will not strain, unlike with the others. 

Those with shoulder straps are also convenient. But they shouldn’t be too large as it might be uncomfortable. The straps should also be padded so that the weight doesn’t hammer your soft skin.

What about the wheels? They will save your energy since you just have to pull it. It is perfect for large boxes as they are heavy. Thus, think about what is favorable to you and go for it!

Maintaining ice

Without forgetting, how long does the cooling box take to retain ice? Some take one day, two, three, with some going up to six days. However, you should choose one according to your specifications.

 If you also go camping, for instance, choose the cooler according to the number of days you usually spend. If you do not take more than two days, you already know what to go for among the ones I selected for you. 

Take note that this factor measures the efficiency of the cooling bag. For those that take six days, you can be sure that it is very efficient. But those that go for just twenty-four hours, you may question them a bit. 

But it doesn’t mean that they are not eligible for the job! Select carefully!


Do you have a favorite color? Not all the items that we purchase come with the colors we want. Therefore, this may not be a very important factor, but you could still consider it. Some of the cooling boxes I have mentioned above come in several colors, others in two, and the rest only have one color. 

Your favorite color should be an added advantage. Because first, you have to consider the functionality. After all, the color will not cool your drinks! Furthermore, they rarely come in shouting colors, especially for those that do not offer a variety.

Shipping cost

Where are you shopping from? If you can’t get the product in your area, you will have to consider how it will get to you before buying it. The costs may be too much. First, you have to pay for the cooler, secondly is the import fee. 

Once it gets to your country or the nearest town, there is the problem of delivery to your house. Do you have to get your rider? Therefore, figure out every detail first and avoid the frustration that comes later.

And can you return the product if it turns out to be faulty? Companies can’t always avoid defective products getting to their customers—most of the time, its not their fault. But who else can you blame? 

Considering that, you need to be sure that you can return the product and also get a refund. Failure to which you should be ready to lose your money since you can only hope that nothing goes wrong. 


Thank you for your time. I hope that my information was helpful. I reviewed five beach coolers that are perfect for your choosing. However, my top choice is Coleman. You might be wondering why I would go for it. 

For starters, you can be sure about its durability due to the non-corrosive hinges and material that protects from the UV rays of the sun. It is also fitted with a cutting board that prevents the development of mold and fungus. 

Your health is very important. It comes first. Fortunately, this cooler ensures that with its anti-microbial lining that inhibits microorganisms. Its cooling conditions last up to six days, which is a lot compared to other coolers in the market. 

It also allows you to lock it if you feel your stuff may be insecure, which will give you the freedom to swim without worrying that you might come back to an empty cooler. Coleman also ensures that odor is not retained in case your consumables spill.

It is also easy to get rid of too much water and uses dry ice, unlike other coolers. If it caters to your needs, what are you still waiting for? Order one already and have it delivered in the comfort of your home!

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