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Best Cooler With Wheels

Best Cooler with Wheels

What is the Top Rated Wheeled Rolling Cooler

A cooler on wheels is easier to use owing to its nature of transportation. Unlike the conventional steel coolers, these barely require owners to lift around. All you need to do is pull them along.

These models are very beneficial because you don’t need to spend a lot of energy moving them from one place to another. Besides, they still facilitate the cold storage of drinks and foods for as long as 10 days.

Different needs of campers, travelers and the lovers of adventure necessitated the manufacture of a wide variety of wheeled coolers.

For those who love going on shorter trips such as fishing by the lake or hiking in the wild, the smaller designs are the definite picks to go with.

However, if you are heading on a weekend-long camping endeavor with family or friends, stocking a bigger model at the back of your trunk would be beneficial for all.

Struggling with a conventional cooler is something I’ve experienced myself.

Sometimes the models are too bulky to be lifted around every time. The most viable solution is to find a design that uses wheels to move around, which will reduce the strain when getting bulkier designs to or from the trunks.

We came up with a list of the best designs, not only in terms of quality and cold storage but also with the constructional materials and durability that seek to give you remarkable performance.

Pelican -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Yeti4.9 out of 5 stars
GiNT4.7 out of 5 stars
Igloo4.6 out of 5 stars
Coleman4.5 out of 5 stars



This is a 45-quart design, an average size for any camper or adventurer. The entire design is built with polyethylene. This material is not only of impeccable quality but is also sturdy enough to last a number of years.

Ice retention is a critical aspect that determines how long the cooler contents will be in chilled condition. With a 2 inch thickness on the side walls, Pelican is definitely going to extend the lifespan of the ice and consequently the duration which foods and drinks will be fresh.

With the 360° freezer gasket, any Pelican user is guaranteed 10 days of constant food supply. This is certainly the longest time a cooler on wheels can keep essentials chilled.


  • Pelican handles are molded to ensure they remain durable.
  • The 3 inch secure latches keep the necessities safe. Likewise, an additional hasp that is lockable warrants you safe storage.
  • The bottle opener is a convenient and easily accessible ancillary. It’s made of stainless steel.
  • This cooler is leak proof.
  • It’s made in the USA.
  • Pelican comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Pelican is a pricey cooler.



If there is any brand that is popular not only for delivering high-quality cooler accessories to its customers but also gaining reputation worldwide over the years for its consistency, it’s definitely Yeti.

This particular series on wheels is no exception. It’s basically available in four colors, the primary one being sea foam.

It’s extremely durable as it can withstand different weather situations as well as any animal in the wild with the intention of breaking into the cooler. It’s perfect for any outdoor event, ranging from camping to hiking and fishing.

Fatwall thickness is an insulation technique that adds two inches of sequestration to the cooler. It has profound ice retention, thanks to the PermaFrost insulation.

The cooler is one of the most reliable in the market due to the polyurethane exigency infusion on the walls that prolongs the lifespan of ice but keeping it in solid form for a long time.


  • It’s a rotomolded design whose wheels have been designed with the NeverFlat technique. They will never tear or break.
  • The handle of the cooler is strong. Similarly, the grips are comfortable.
  • The polyurethane infusion keeps ice in it’s solid nature to improve ice retention.
  • PermaFrost insulation and Fatwall thickness improve the ice retention of Yeti cooler.


  • Yeti is quite heavy when transporting necessities. It’s also an expensive chest.



GiNT has a comfortable grip on the handle. This makes it simpler for users to carry from one location to another. Essentially, it’s a 53-quart design that has a better ice retention compared to other designs.

Foods and drinks can last for 3 to 7 days in the GiNT cooler. All the walls of the design are well insulated to keep the essentials in safe chilled storage. In addition to insulation, the exterior is TPE and the interior BAP-free to prolong storage time.

Durable loops are added to the design to provide better tie downs. With these, you can easily keep umbrellas or clothes firmly attached to the base of the cooler.


  • The handle of the cooler could be used alternatively as a table.
  • GiNT has strong wheels that guarantee the user safe mobility.
  • The grips on the handle are comfortable.
  • It has ample storage space owing to its 53-quart design.
  • The ice retention of the design is approximately 3 to 7 days.


  • Some metal brackets on the handle are loose.



Being the largest selection in this category, Igloo is a cooler you should consider when heading out for weekend long camping trips with a crew of 10 to 15. It’s a 100-quart design. Despite the large size, Igloo is still an affordable cooler, something you’ll hardly find in other models.

Igloo has incorporated a special technology in which UV inhibitors keep the model adequately protected from damage that usually stems from infrared light of the sun. The Ultratherm foam is another unique feature that is added to the lid and body of the cooler.

This technology helps to improve ice retention of the cooler by keeping contents cold, up to five days. Hinges of the cooler are made of stainless steel that is not only strong but also resistant to external factors that compromise durability of the model. One good example  is rusting.


  • The handle has a horizontal telescoping that makes pulling easier.
  • Cushioning has been reinforced on the handle for a better grip.
  • The wheels facilitate a smooth and easy ride.
  • The stainless-steel hinges are durable.


  • Some users have experienced problems with ice retention. The cooler doesn’t keep contents cold for long as advertised.



Coleman is another brand that has established a reputation in the cooler industry. This specific model on wheels is a 75-quart design that is built to withstand anything in the wild. The heavy duty construction adds to the durability.

The handles are comfortable when transporting the cooler. Additionally, they do not pinch. When held for lifting, the handles open upwards but not completely. This keeps the holding points and consequently the transportation process safe.

The telescoping handle is perfect for any user, as it can be locked on any level, depending on the user’s height, to guarantee a hassle free ride. The wheels are also rugged and heavy duty, so traversing on harder ground won’t be a problem.

The insulated lid keeps the drinks and foods in fresh condition for as long as four days. With Coleman, you are not only assured of long term ice retention but also sturdiness that warrants durability.


  • The design is a 75-quart model. The storage unit is large enough to fit all your essentials, especially when you are on a long trip.
  • The handle is heavy duty and it doesn’t pinch on fingers when being lifted.
  • The rugged nature of the heavy duty wheels minimizes their risk of damaging or tearing apart.


  • It’s not an affordable option for everyone.

Factors to be considered when purchasing wheeled coolers

Buyers should be extremely cautious when procuring coolers with wheels. Despite the presence of so many models in the market, there is still a chance that an unworthy product may find its way to consumers.

If you fall prey to such a product, you’ll likely regret the purchase. So to prevent any mishaps from happening with your acquisitions, it’s imperative that you evaluate the different features of the coolers and how best they work to suit your needs.


The capacity of the cooler is considered the most critical factor when making selections. I’m totally of the same opinion, because, size is an aspect that affects the quantity of foods or drinks being stockpiled for an adventure.

Additionally, you need to consider how large the cooler is, to determine how convenient the model is when transporting. Most of us use the trunk of the car for carrying coolers when traveling.

Other people use their trailers or RVs. Therefore, when picking a cooler model, make sure it fits perfectly in the storage space and does not hinder your comfort in the process.

This only means you need to check the dimensions of your cooler before acquiring it. Ensure the height and the base correspond to the free space in your trunk otherwise you’ll be forced to consider another suitable option.

The nature of the activity you are heading out for and the duration you’ll be out also affects your choice of size. In case you are out for a one-day trip to the lake for fishing, you will certainly need a smaller model.

On the other hand, longer trips such as weekend camping with friends or week-long adventures call for bigger models, due to the increased number of people.

Coolers with wheels are convenient when pulling around on short distances. The more you move with the chest, the harder it becomes to keep your arms strong enough to sustain the weight.

It’s harder to move a bulkier cooler over long distances. When camping on your own, it’s recommended you acquire a small model, so that it becomes easier to transport wherever you are going.

However, if you’ll be using your car to move the cooler everywhere you’ll be heading, then purchasing a larger cooler would no longer be a pain in the neck.


Each cooler is designed with different insulation properties. Some are built with thinner layers on the side walls while others have thick layers.

Having a cooler with a thick wall keeps the ice in it’s solid state for a longer time compared to when it’s thinner. However, you still need to pay a significantly higher amount of money for a thick insulation, as it offers better protection.

The choice of a cooler based on thickness depends on how you intend to use the cooler. If you are going to use it for longer durations, it’s vital that the contents are kept colder for the entire time but if you are planning on a shorter trip, a thinner insulation would be convenient.

The types of wheels

The varying nature of terrain as well as weather conditions creates the need for a versatile kind of wheel, one that can traverse any ground without breaking down or tearing apart.

On normal roads, sidewalks and pavements, there’s no harm in adopting a cooler with plastic wheels. All in all, on harder ground, using plastic wheels would only bring you additional replacement costs you had barely planned for.

Coolers that are transported along difficult terrain ought to be equipped with strong, firm and big rubber wheels that will easily tread the ground to your destinations.

How many wheels are convenient for an average cooler?

Basically, there are coolers that come with two wheels and there are the four wheelers. Both designs are convenient, but when moving on even ground often, the four wheelers are recommendable.

They are more advantageous in such terrain because they keep the base of the cooler fairly above the ground.

In both designs, additional supports have been attached to the front to ensure the coolers barely lose temperature by coming into contact with the earth surface.

When adventuring through harder terrain, it’s advisable that you consider the cooler designs with 2 wheels because you can easily tip them over,  more especially in recess areas.


A handle is an important accessory as it’s the only option you can use to pull the chest to whichever designation.

The only accessories that will get you closer to comfortable handling will be cushioning and padding alternatives.

When holding the cooler for longer times, the hands tend to become fatigued. The comfortable grip not only makes the handling easier but also reduces the levels of fatigue over time.

An extended option will give you a better chance to transport the cooler. Ensure that the extension isn’t too low or too high for your stature. This will guarantee users of varying heights comfort when pulling.

Additional features

Even though these are not common with most designs, the few that have these features are more user-friendly. The first feature is the presence of cup holders. These ensure drinks stay in their jars or cups and minimizes the level of spillage.

The human mind tends to forget tiny details and accessories. It’s pretty easy to forget a bottle opener, so having a stainless steel opener firmly attached to the side of the cooler will make the opening of beer and soda bottles easy.

Adding wheels on coolers:  the three easy ways

There are three elementary ways to add or fix wheels to your cooler. This option often depends on your needs or preferences, as well as the options you have.

  • Single axle-wheel structuring

The single axle option is better suited for coolers with two wheels. It’s pretty easy to start and complete your structuring as ingle axles are readily available in multiple stores worldwide.

When putting it to use, the first step is to pas the straps through the base, by tangling it in brackets. Consequently, set your cooler on its longest strap. Finally, ensure you’ve tightened all the straps to prevent the structure from falling apart.

  • Flathead carts

Just like the single-axle wheel accessories, flathead designs are widely available in stores. Many people prefer using them because of how convenient they are.

You can extend them when installing and accordingly when using. They support heavy weights and are perfect matches for big coolers.

When attaching them to the cooler, ensure you’ve incorporated end-rails to the designs to securely strap them.

  • Changing the already fixed axle

You can incorporate this replacement procedure into your maintenance schedules when changing wheels to you cooler. The first step is to unscrew the whole wheeling design after taking off the axle.

When the axle is loosened, take off the older designs and put on the newer wheels. To make sure that the wheels hardly come off in the course of transportation, make sure you’ve tightened the screws connecting the structure. It keeps them intact.

Benefits that come with coolers on wheels

Lifting options are strenuous and tiring. Wheeled coolers make your life and camping easier by mitigating significantly on transportation trouble.

  • Transport

Mobility is way easier with a wheeled cooler as compared to when lifting around a bulky steel cooler. You need to have a portable option as well as a spacious design to store all the food and drinks you’ll be needing for your trip.

Additionally, if you have or are suffering from any health issues, moving around a cooler while pulling rather than lifting would be totally safe and wouldn’t at any point catalyze extremity of the ailment.

  • Storage

Even though wheeled models are not that large, they still provide a good amount of storage space you wouldn’t find in most of the traditional designs.

With ample space to keep all your essentials, there’s no way you’re going to run out of supplies or experience any inconveniences because of an inadequately stocked chest.

The length of your trip will affect your storage options. Therefore, ensure you’ve selected a design that will provide adequate supplies, be it for a day or the entire weekend you are out with friends or kin.

  • Cooling

Not every cooler on wheels will store your replenishments for the longest time you’ll be out. Nonetheless, I guarantee the coolers will provide good insulation for the supplies and keep them colder for the duration you’ll be out.

Those who love short trips will readily find smaller designs that chill essentials for as long as a day.

Even though finding a cooler that can last as long as 2 weeks without compromising on freshness is quite difficult, there are a few models available that could lengthen storage to 10 days on end, which is pretty good for a standard design.

  • Additional compartments for parched storage

Keeping your dry essentials out in the wild can sometimes be hectic. Pockets on your clothing may not be the best idea hence a dessicate chamber on the cooler that doesn’t come into contact with ice is more convenient for watches, wallets and mobile devices.

Functionality and application


When taking a trip to the market, we sometimes go for long distances that tend to jeopardize the freshness of protein foods we purchase. These include fish and different fillets of beef, pork or chicken.

With a portable wheeled cooler, you get the chance to prolong storage of the foods by keeping them chilled until you’ve reached your home.


A cooler with wheels is not just suited for shopping. You could include it when traveling, going for picnics and even when on a field trip.

Owing to the versatility of the designs, any buyer who acquires a wheeled cooler is guaranteed of a reliable model that provides a convenient storage option, with an easier mobility alternative, the wheels.

As a purchaser, you scarcely need to worry about pricing options. Most of the coolers with wheels are affordable. The funds you pay in the course of procurement often matches the long term value you get from the product in return.

All in all, investing in a quality design would add to the assurances of getting premium services, such as lifelong guarantees on the products. With these, you could enjoy a lifetime’s worth of repairs from the manufacturer in case of breakage with the cooler.

Our top pick is the Pelican 45-quart design. It’s made of durable polyethylene which is not only strong but also designed with 2-inch thick walls that improve the ice retention for more than a week.

Precisely, the cooler will keep the contents in chilled shape for 10 days. This is probably the best time we’ve seen a wheeled design achieve. It’s not just the characterization of the design that makes it an outstanding cooler.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees purchasers free repair options when it’s broken in the course of storage. Nobody would want to miss on such a selection.

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