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Kysek Vs Yeti Cooler

Kysek vs Yeti Cooler

Kysek Cooler vs YETI – Winner?

There are many different brands of cooler out there. One of the most popular is a Yeti. But there are other brands of high-quality cooler names too – like the Kysek brand name. Kysek is a cooler that came out in about 2014, and tried to offer the greater cooler than a Yeti because they had two additional features. However, there are good things and bad things about each of course. We’re going to put them to the test and see whether a KYSEK (which means Keep Your Stuff Extremely Kold) can fair with a Yeti cooler.

Features Galore

We already know that Yeti makes some of the best coolers on the market – and why they do too. It’s one of the most innovative brands on the market. However, they do lack a little bit in the feature department. That’s where Kysek decided to step in and try to overtake the market. They’ve added a bearproof cooler just like Yeti, and each cooler has insulation that can keep ice frozen for 7 days or longer. However, Kysek has two features that Yeti doesn’t have. They have a highly durable cutting board for a lid, and they also add a bottle opener and built-in inset wheels to make carting it easier.

The Wheels

Many coolers have wheels – it’s nothing new. Yetis don’t really have that going for them though in their larger coolers for the same price. However, the wheels of a Kysek cooler can hold up to 500 lbs. of weight on each wheel. That means that you can literally add an extra hundred pounds to the cooler without any problem. You can’t do that with just any old cooler that you find at a Wal-Mart.

When your cooler is flat though, these wheels don’t touch the ground. Instead, they’re in lined on it so that the rubber feet are what holds and braces your cooler. The wheels won’t start working until you tilt your cooler while you’re carrying it. The downside of course, is that these wheels don’t travel well on the sand or grass – but they’re still cool and can help you carry it around on smoother surfaces. It does make for a lot easier lifting though (Yeti’s are a little heavier and bulkier because they don’t have this feature).

The Bottle Openers

Yes, we mentioned this earlier, but we’re going to give it a special instance. You can buy them separately for your Yeti, but it requires some modification to the cooler’s shell itself. Kysek has two bottle openers on the edges of their coolers so you don’t have to do anything to use them. Just pop open your cold brews as soon as you get them out of the cooler. Of course, this is something you can do almost professionally with any cooler though.

Extra Insulation

Yeti coolers have a lot of insulation packed into them – about 2-3 inches to be exact (with the lid being more insulated than the sides). It makes them hold ice well, and keeps your food cooler. However, Kysek overcompensates by adding an additional 2 inches to make 4 inches of total insulation all around. This means that you may have additional ice-keeping capabilities (although this hasn’t been proven yet).

A Ruler?

Yes, Kysek has not only a cutting board built into the lid, but it actually has a ruler as well – which has both inches and metric measurements on it. The purpose of the ruler is because as a fisherman’s cooler, it can help a fisherman lay the fish on the cutting board and measure the catch so they know whether to keep it or not. Of course, you could also use it to measure things like vegetable or meat cuts as well! While Yeti’s of the same type offer a cutting board on the lid, they don’t have the built-in ruler.

You Can Get Smart Features

One thing that you can do is put smart accessories, which are optional in the lids. This is to have things like temp gauges with Bluetooth accessibility so you can monitor the internal temperature of your cooler, and know when you need to refill it with ice. If you’re going on a long trip, this feature alone will be amazingly useful so you can ensure that things you need to keep frozen can stay frozen at all times. However, there are only a handful of people willing to spend 90 bucks on a device that can do this when they spend enough on their coolers.

They’re a Little Cheaper

While they are almost as durable and hard-working as a Yeti, they are cheaper. There are many reasons for this though. First off, their branding isn’t as popular, and they are more widespread than a Yeti is. You can buy some Kysek models on Amazon even. The only way you can buy Yeti’s is from individual sellers and you often won’t get a brand new one (even if it says new). Not only that, but if you’re looking at prices, you can get a Kysek for about an average of ten bucks less than a Yeti for the same storage capacity.

Conclusion: Do The Kysek Cooler Fare Well Against YETI?

While Kyseks are extremely great though, there is one thing though – Yetis are a one of a kind cooler. And they offer a lifetime warranty that is pretty unbeatable. If anything happens that is under the warranty, Yeti will replace it for free. Not only that, but you simply can’t compare other coolers that are knockoffs to a Yeti. They’re a small-manufactured chain that is a one of a kind. Much like a Mac versus an expensive gaming PC – some people are just more apt to choose a Mac (even though they can’t do quite as much with it unless they know what they’re doing). However, if you are hesitating on buying one of the best coolers in the world, then you could always opt for a little less, and spending a little less in order to buy a Kysek. We still recommend the Yeti though!

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