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Best Stainless Steel Cooler

Best Stainless Steel Cooler

Top Coolers Made of Stainless Steel

Despite the unending attempts by manufacturers at creating modern coolers with purely mechanical aspects, it’s been pretty hard for customers to let go off their conventional steel coolers.

These models have proven to be effective over the years and nothing seems to change the fact that users love everything about them. They are not only helpful and sustainable during camping but also worth every dime you pay during acquisition.

Purchasing a metal cooler wouldn’t be a waste of your money or time, trust me.

Stainless steel coolers are effective and convenient primarily because of their simplistic designs. They aren’t built as complex as any other advanced tech being junked into the market. Nevertheless, it’s still easy to operate any stainless model.

Metal designs perform excellently when storing drinks. The ice retention of these models isn’t bad either. While smaller models hold ice and keep essentials chilled for as short as half a day, more elite designs retain ice for 7 to 8 days without compromising on storage.

It’s for this rationale that these models give the rotomolded coolers a good run for money.

We conducted lots of research to come up with the best stainless-steel coolers alongside the benefits that come with their purchase.

Top Stainless Steel Cooler List

Coleman -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Yeti4.9 out of 5 stars
Corona4.7 out of 5 stars
Rio Brands 4.6 out of 5 stars
Igloo4.5 out of 5 stars



The Coleman cooler has one of the best ice retention abilities in the market. It keeps essentials cold for a long time, usually between 4 and 5 days straight. This specific design is a 54-quart model. It’s large enough to hold drinks or food for a group of 12 or more.

Similarly, it’s perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. It’s suitable for camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. The manufacturers included a bottle opener on the cooler’s side to give you an easy time while opening the bunch of drinks stored inside.

Many designs wear fast or experience irreparable damages due to brittleness. Coleman was designed to last. It’s made of durable steel that can withstand anything, ranging from falling impact to grizzly-bear attacks in the wild.

It’s being sold in 6 multiple colors, each sharing the original silver shade of steel. One thing that’s made the Coleman design a darling amongst users is its retro design. The classic make is one of a kind as it blends right into any outdoor or indoor recreational activity.


  • Cooler handles are made of stainless steel and are easy to grip.
  • The lids are designed to hold heavy weights without giving in to pressure. They can work as seats or tables.
  • Drinks stored in the Coleman won’t spill. The cooler provides enough storage space, so they can be stored upright.
  • Most people love the retro design of the cooler.
  • The cooler is large enough to store 85 canned beverages. It’s perfect for large groups.


  • The design may leak after a few days of use.
  • Sometimes the ice melts too fast. The interior may be poorly designed thus unable to hold ice for long.



The most outstanding feature with the Yeti design is its vacuum insulation. Cooler panels are well insulated to prevent the loss of cold air.

Each part, from the lids to the bottom has been properly covered with the PermaFrost foam, a material that minimizes the rate at which external temperatures interfere with cooler storage. Durability is also enhanced with the sturdy construction.

Yeti is a stainless-steel model. It’s latch closing system is secure. It’s easy to open and close, therefore accessing contents won’t be much of a problem. Thick handles were designed and reinforced with rubber to give you a better grip during transportation.


  • Vacuum insulation leaves the model with thin walls. The cooler is more lightweight this way.
  • It is spacious and allows you to store multiple food items.
  • The latch closure is simple, effective and secure.


  • The cooler is expensive.



Affordable coolers are hard to come by. Corona offers you the classic design of conventional models besides the durability any stainless-steel model would provide.

A bottle opener has been pinned to the cooler’s sidewall. Opening a beer bottle is as easy as fishing it straight off the chest.

It’s a multi-purpose cooler and is well suited for any outdoor activity ranging from fishing to camping, tailgating, boating and even hunting.

Corona coolers are available in different sizes to suit any event you are heading out for. The most common model, however, is the 54-quart cooler that can comfortably hold 85 canned drinks. This makes it perfect for an outdoor partying zone with friends or family.

To give you a better grip during transportation, comfortable rubber grips have been added to the sides. A durable latch design will prevent the escape of cold air, ensuring in the long run that food items are kept chilled.


  • The inner parts of the cooler can be cleaned easily. The model doesn’t rust. It’s also leak-proof.
  • Different cooler sizes are available for selection.
  • Corona storage cooler is perfect for a variety of outdoor sessions such as camping and fishing.
  • It’s 54-quart capacity can store up to 85 canned drinks. This is enough to last a whole party.


  • Some customers complained of durability problems. The exterior easily gets damaged by developing dents.

Rio Brands


Rio is a heavy-duty chest that is built to last and withstand the test of time. A bottle opener has been included on the side to give you easy access when opening firmly bottled drinks.

I particularly love the brand because it’s portable and still large enough to effortlessly hold 85 cans of beverages. It’s thoroughly insulated on the side walls as well as the top lid. This has created minimal chances for cold air to escape the cooling chambers.

The cooler retains ice for long. Additionally, you don’t have to tilt the cooler when draining the melted ice. Its an automatic process. The drain chamber is also leak proof. No spillages are experienced with such a cooler in place.


  • The handles give you a good grip.
  • It’s a multi-purpose cooler. You can carry it for camping, picnics, tailgating and on fishing sprees.
  • 85 canned drinks can be stored in the cooler. It’s spacious.
  • Side walls are well insulated. Outdoor temperatures won’t interfere with the cold storage.
  • It’s more portable and easily fits in car trunks.


  • It doesn’t hold ice for long. It melts after a short time.
  • The cooler is relatively smaller compared to the actual description.



In case you are looking for a durable model that’s also stainless steel and resistant to rust, then Igloo is the perfect consideration.

It features a special technique, the Cool Riser Technology that enhances airflow within the cooler. The technology aids the cooling process by allowing air to flow into the cooler from its bottom. A bottle opener is attached to the side.

Both handles offer a comfortable grip when transporting the cooler. It’s bottom is leak-proof. This minimizes spillages. It’s a classic cooler essentially because of the retro design.


  • Cool Riser Technology improves the cooling process by enhancing airflow into the cooler.
  • The leak proof bottom prevents any spillages from fissuring.
  • It’s durable and resistant to rust. It’s made of heavy duty stainless steel.


  • The cooler interior is made of plastic. Plastic isn’t as durable as stainless steel.
  • Most people found that the latches were non-functional. Cold air found its way out unobstructed.

Factors to consider when purchasing stainless steel coolers

Metal coolers, just like any other appliances in the market, are designed differently. Most of them are built with multiple variations in ice retention, size, weight and price.

All these aspects need to be carefully evaluated before acquisition to avoid falling prey to sub-standard or non-functional models.


Simply put, coolers are designed to store foods and drinks for the entire duration you’ll be spending outdoors. These outdoor activities may include picnics, camping, hiking and fishing.

It’s vital that cooler contents are not only kept cold and fresh the entire duration but also critical that the cooler gives you adequate storage space to last you the whole time you’ll be out.

The only sure way of choosing the right product is to base your selection on the total number of people present for the camping trip.

Similarly, in case the trip is a short one, lasting for one day or less, a small or medium-sized cooler would be appropriate. You’ll definitely require a bigger cooler for a larger crew.

Cooler weight and size

A lightweight cooler is more preferable for any outdoor project. It’s difficult to move a heavy cooler from your car’s trunk. Try to imagine what it would be like to move around such a model when hiking or picnicking.

A model that’s already heavy during purchase becomes even heavier after loading with drinks or food. In the same way, a large cooler may not fit your trunk, making it harder to transport.

Advisably, choose a cooler that you can transport easily either by car or mobile housing and also easier to move around when adventuring. Both circumstances matter.

Ice retention

How long will the cooler keep your nourishments cold? Ensure that the model you’re purchasing is capable of retaining ice for the longest time possible without jeopardizing on storage especially when heading out on long camping trips.

Longer camping adventures sometimes take days or a week. The cooler you pick should ensure food is kept cold each passing day.


We derived a simple but effective formula to help you determine how exclusively the cooler will perform or serve you the whole time you’ll be out camping.

The number of days the cooler can retain ice = the total number of days you’ll be spending out on the trip.


Durability is all about construction. The most durable coolers are built with sturdy materials. The type of material used in construction depends on the manufacturer’s choice and preferences.

You should go for a quality make that wouldn’t be affected by external factors such as varying weather conditions; extreme heat, downpours, hailstorms and desert storms. Models that are purely built of stainless steel are the most durable. Plastic designs are less durable.

When choosing metal coolers, avoid the cheaply built designs. These may be prone to rusting and may be less sturdy. I would advise you to pick stainless steel designs or strong substitutive elements of the same nature.


Find a model that you can comfortably purchase without stretching too much on the budget. Even so, price is just but a matter of value. The higher the cooler price the more advanced and effective you should expect its features to be.

In case you haven’t decided yet how you’re going to purchase the cooler of your choice, don’t panic.

The best way to purchase any product is by planning effectively and saving enough funds over time to ensure you don’t have to struggle or outsource money when the acquisition day has arrived.

Multiple benefits of stainless steel coolers

Primarily, stainless steel coolers are convenient procurements that gradually become valuable assets for camping and adventuring.

The key feature of a quality cooler is its sturdiness. A durable chest will withstand anything and still attain its objectives without as much as a falter in functionality. There are so many other advantages you’ll enjoy with a stainless steel cooler at hand.


These coolers are tough. They are built with high-grade stainless steel that doesn’t give in to rusting or corrosion.

Apart from stainless steel, other metals such as aluminum work perfectly in protecting cooler contents and resisting rusting as well as any other process that deteriorates quality of the metal.

A tough material will brace constant abuse from weather and impact, and still last.

The classic design

Vintage designs are more elegantly and beautifully articulated compared to any other models.

Their shapes are more attractive and you’ll definitely love carrying them as you head out for adventure. This unusual characteristic has given most stainless steel designs preferential treatment in collation to purchase, especially in modern markets.

Value for money

An affordable cooler is worth investing in. So is a superlative design. The latter similarly serves you and fulfils its primary goal for years.

Finding a product that gives you value for the money you paid for is like a fair exchange. If chosen wisely, the cooler may even save you a lot of money in the future, as the product won’t get damaged easily.

In terms of storage, you should expect the cooler to scarcely vacillate when keeping your necessities cold. The model you invest in should be nothing short of a quality cooler.


Due to the strength that these coolers are built with and the weights they’re designed to endure, you can use stainless steel chests as tables or seats whenever you’re camping.

Most of them are built to accommodate heavy weights. It’s a good characteristic as it betters the cooler chances at staying intact and unstructured.

Little or no maintenance costs

These coolers are built with steel. They barely rust even when exposed to moisture. You won’t be forced to go an extra mile to clean, maintain or repair the model. You can keep them clean and functional by using gentle detergents or water when sanitizing surfaces.


It’s sometimes hard to move around conventional coolers because they are bulky and may contain a lot of foods, beverages and other eatables.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers have created different technologies to keep up with market demands and satisfaction of customer needs as well.

One good example is the vacuum insulation that eliminates the need for thick walls. The benefit of this mechanism is that coolers are designed with thinner walls and are more lightweight compared to those built with thicker ones.

Other portability features include wheels and handles. Rollers are heavy duty so they can traverse difficult terrain undeterred. Powerful handles reinforced with comfortable rubber grips are easier to hold onto.

Excellent cooling characteristics

Insulated compartments are the major features responsible for keeping nourishments within constant temperatures. Many stainless steel coolers were built with multiple storage compartments, each with appropriate insulations to minimize the loss of cold air.

The lids are well reinforced too. A few models have the gasket seals that close tightly leaving no chance for cold air to escape. All insulating mechanisms improve cooler functionality and enhance storage for as long as 96 hours.

Scenarios that call for the use of stainless steel coolers

There are different circumstances where it’s more befitting to incorporate metal coolers into the occasion. The most common instance is when organizing a party.

Metal chests have beautiful designs that will make a party more alive. One or two coolers easily commingle into the mood and fit right in with their classic idiosyncrasies.

Unsullied metal coolers offer a more pragmatic method for storage. Even when these models stop functioning, you might consider repurposing to make them useful in another way.

Cleaning procedures for metal coolers

Cleaning is imperative after using these coolers. It helps in eliminating mold or other food particles stuck inside the cooler. The first step is to find the essentials needed for cleansing. You will need a soft detergent, clean piece of cloth and warm water.

Start by collecting food residues within the cooler before proceeding to scrap forming mold. Use the soft detergent and water to gently sanitize the interior before rinsing. Do this thoroughly then leave the model to dry. The exterior can be wiped gently with a cloth.

Additional safety and buying recommendations

The ice retention of coolers varies from one to another. Quality designs keep ice for seven days whereas cheaper designs can serve the same purpose for only one or two days.

However, this may vary depending on the nature of your surrounding or temperature fluctuations in the environment.

In the desert, ice in a cooler that was designed to last a week may melt in a day if opened every once in a while.


  • Keeping cooler contents frozen; is it possible?


Generally, stainless steel coolers were designed to keep foods and drinks chilled.

They won’t do a very good job freezing. All the same, if you’ve just fished your nourishments direct out of the freezer and need to keep them that way, a metal chest can help you maintain low temperatures while losing the freeze slowly.


  • Keeping products warm; is it possible


The essence of a cooler is to maintain the constant temperatures of essentials stored within. There are very few coolers that can maintain the warm temperatures of essentials, but this is achievable only when ice is out of the picture.


  • The average weights of coolers; how do they weigh?


On average, stainless models are heavier compared to plastic coolers. Heavy designs weigh 45 pounds while lighter ones are around 15 to 20 pounds. In case you need a more lightweight model, you may be required to compromise on ice storage.


Stainless steel coolers will give you excellent results if used in the right way. All the same, there’s not much to do in terms of maintenance, these coolers are durable, rust-proof, waterproof and reliable.

You can enjoy consistent use over the years and still not worry about repair. Most of them are affordable, and as we highlighted in the guide, give you good value for money. This makes them priceless items.

Many people have raised the issue of effectiveness with metal coolers. They can store your food for shorter durations, and yes, some may do so for just a few days. Notwithstanding, the models are impeccably marvelous and will definitely give your loggia a touch like no other.

Critical analysis has led us to believe that the Coleman 54-quart cooler is unquestionably the best alternative to consider. With an excellent holding capacity of 85 canned beverages, this retro design is perfect for a wide range of activities such as fishing, hiking, camping and hunting.

In terms of versatility, the cooler lids work as comfortable seats. They can hold heavy weights without shattering the tiniest bit. Its handles are reinforced with rubber to give you a better grip. It’s perfect for large groups and entirely durable.

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