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Best Plug In Iceless Electric Cooler

Best Plug In Iceless Electric Cooler

If you travel a lot by car or in your RV, then you have probably had the need to cool your food or drinks. The same is true for truck drivers and mobile homeowners. You will find one of the most efficient ways to keep your food preserved and cool to be electric plug in coolers, since they do not require ice. 

These units are sure to serve you well for long and come at an affordable price. Besides cooling your food and drinks, electric coolers can serve the purpose of warming too. This comes quite handy when you need to eat food you had recently or in the past, kept in cool storage. 

Some units can also act as freezers or fridges, keeping your food preserved for long, and granting you easy access.

Available in various shapes and sizes, you should be able to find an electric cooler that works well for your needs. It can, however, get confusing to land on the best cooler, with all the brands offering competitive features. How do you get what’s most ideal from what isn’t?

This article will guide you through some of the best plug in electric coolers in the market. You should be able to understand their features, and how they can benefit you. There are also a few factors that you may want to put into consideration on your next shopping. Before that, let’s have a look at our top five:

Top Iceless Coolers List

Igloo Iceless Cooler -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Knox Electric Cooler4.9 out of 5 stars
Dometic Electric Cooler4.7 out of 5 stars
Wagan Cooler/Warmer4.6 out of 5 stars
Koolatron Kaddy Cooler4.5 out of 5 stars

Igloo Iceless Cooler


You have probably heard of the Igloo cooler since it’s one of the most popular brands, and if you haven’t, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s a public favourite. Its high-quality construction and good pricing puts it at an amazing position as an electric cooler.

This is an easily portable cooler, thanks to the moulded-in side handles. With these handles, you can still get a good hold on the cooler with both hands however heavy it gets. Being able to distribute the weight makes it easier to move around with it, even on filling the cooler up.

You may love the 12V power cable that the cooler comes along with. It can fit in a cigarette lighter outlet at 8 feet. The length also makes it easy to place the cooler wherever you’d want.

Within the insulation chamber, the cooler can go down by up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal for just cooling rather than freezing your food. The Igloo’s carrying capacity is at 32 cans. 


  • Easily portable
  • Good construction
  • Silent operation


  • Its AC power chord is sold separately


Knox Electric Cooler


This is the largest cooler in the list, and may serve you best when out for camping, or traveling on a camper, RV, or even a minivan. It is generally best for someone who spends most of their time on the road or with a large household.

You may find this cooler easy to move around with, despite its large design. Its sturdy handles make the Knox easy to lift. It also comes equipped with wheels for when the cooler gets too heavy to lift.

It’s compatible with both AC and DC outlets, making the cooler quite reliable. Plugged in, you should expect a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, constantly maintained within the insulation chamber.

The interior compartment can be split so that you can have some of the contents in any of the two smaller units. It has a carrying capacity of 60 soda cans, or plenty food and drinks. 


  • Sturdy
  • Compatible with both AC and DC outlets
  • Large design


  • The hinge may pop out

Dometic Electric Cooler


Are you looking for a high-capacity cooler that could go into your RV or boat? Then this model may serve you well. It’s also ideal for anyone who is out on the road most times.

A unique brand, the Dometic comes with its interior illuminated. It is equipped with an electronic display for recording and showing the insulation compartment’s temperature. The distinction shouldn’t worry you since the unit can be easy to use, and its features are easily accessible.

If you’d like to save on your vehicle’s battery life, then you can always turn to the cooler’s power saving option. This is, however, only ideal for when you’re not on the highest settings, as that may drain your battery if your engine is not running.

This cooler couples up as a freezer and refrigerator. Hunters and fishers may find it to be most ideal, as you can tune its temperature from 3 to 50 degrees F for long periods of coolness. Temperature adjustments within the compartment can be adjusted with 2 degrees F increments.

The Dometic has a 50-can carrying capacity, making it one of the largest coolers available.


  • Illuminated interior
  • High capacity
  • Couples as freezer and refrigerator 


  • Bulky

Wagan Cooler/Warmer


With the Wagan cooler, comes a tall, spacious, and powerful unit, which you may find to be a good choice for trips or anything you can’t fit in a small cooler.

This is an efficient system, coupling up as both a cooler and warmer. Within the insulation chamber, the cooler can go down by up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit when set to cooling mode. When serving its alternate purpose, the cooler can go up to 140 degrees F within the insulation compartment.

It comes with a sturdy handle which will help manage the cooler’s weight when loaded up, with no strains. It has a 7-foot long 12v DV cord, which makes it easy to plug the cooler to wherever you’d like in your car.

The Wagan cooler can store up to 2L bottles with some soft drink cans and two wine bottles. Its storage is, therefore, not only unique but also reliable.


  • Spacious
  • Sturdy
  • Couples as cooler and warmer


  • It doesn’t come with an AC cable

Koolatron Kaddy Cooler


With its large storage capacity, the Koolatron is ideal for use in a trailer, boat, an RV or by anyone who spends most of their time on the road. Its multi-purpose should also come as an advantage to you.

It comes in an amazing, unique design, which enables the cooler to sit both vertically as a fridge and horizontally as a chest. This makes accessibility of the contents within easier, and promotes easy storage as well.

Within the insulation chamber, the cooler can go down by up to 40 degrees F in temperature, and up by up to 135 degrees F.

This cooler has a carrying capacity of up to 57 cans. You may find the space enough to carry your drinks and even food that can last several days. Its storage comes with a shelf on which you can arrange the food when the cooler is upright.


  • Large capacity
  • Can sit as a fridge or a chest
  • Efficient unit


  • Noisy

Considerations you should look into when purchasing plug-in iceless electric coolers

An electric cooler is an advantageous contraption for anyone traveling over long distances or enjoying a stay far from familiar vicinities.

In case you own an RV, ordinary car, any other mobile dwelling or you routinely drive a truck to different destinations, you must be familiar with the ponderousness of ice coolers and the extreme lengths you may need to go to keep them in their normal working conditions overtime.

Unlike conventional ice chests, plug-in electric coolers offer you multiple benefits. They store foods and drinks, keep them chilled and still manage to suppress maintenance costs.

Additionally, these electric models are affordable and categorically rank as invaluable assets in the cooler industry.

Besides cooling foods and drinks, a good number of electric coolers work alternatively as freezers and warmers. Anything you need to keep chilled or frozen can easily be stored in coolers built for this purpose.

Similarly, designs that are capable of warming food save you time. You don’t have to prepare a stove or light a fire before a meal.

The good thing with plug-in units is that they are available in multiple designs. You can easily find the aforementioned warmers and freezers at affordable prices.

The availability of a variety gives you a chance to review and select a model that suits your demands. As you search the market for a suitable cooler, it’s necessary that you keep in mind several factors before making acquisitions.

Find a cooler that is not only portable and mobile but also a design that can store your food well by keeping it fresh and healthy for the duration you’ll be requiring it.

We collected some factors and unique features that would positively influence your choice of coolers in the market.

The thermal scope

Plug-in electric coolers are designed to store foods in different designs. Some models are built to cool while others are structured to deep-freeze foods and drinks. There are also specific models that can warm food in case you are preparing for a meal.

Always check the thermal degree of the cooler before buying it. In case you need your food stored in a frozen state, you should consider picking a model that can reach and cool contents under extremely low temperatures.

Depending on what you need your cooler for, you can select a design that serves your necessities to the latter.


Otherwise termed as capacity, cooler size is a factor that’s dependent on your needs, either as an individual or as part of a traveling crew.

For sole travelers, small models are convenient. They are convenient and can hold everything you may need for a day or two.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling with a large group of friends or family, it’s critical that you find a bigger cooler.

When going for picnics, you need to adequately plan for the type of activity you wish to partake in. For a day-long activity such as hunting or fishing, a smaller model is convenient.

However, a larger group camping out in the wild for days requires the organizing party to consider acquiring a model that would cater for the numbers without leaving anyone out.

How long does the cooler take to attain optimal temperatures?

It takes a specific time frame for a change in temperature to be effected and consequently noticeable in plug-in electrical coolers.

Electric coolers can be charged any time during the day. Specifically, it should be done when the car’s battery or engine is running.

In the event that you’re using your vehicle’s battery to charge the cooler, it’s advisable you do so for short amounts of time as the battery may drain fast. Therefore, you need a model that picks up power and cools contents fast.


This is a weighty factor when it comes to cooler selection. The criteria for choosing a good cooler on the basis of insulation revolves more or less around thickness. The thicker the side walls, the better the cooler at insulation.

A cooler that is properly insulated won’t lose coldness fast even when taken outside the RV for a picnic.

Increasing the thickness on cooler walls reduces the rate at which external temperatures affect the nature of cold contents within the model. Find one that is heavily insulated, as this helps in keeping cooler contents chilled for prolonged durations even when the box isn’t plugged in.


A durable electric cooler lasts. It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter one or two accidents while camping out in remote areas.

Coolers aren’t left out either. Constantly moving around in the open leaves the model exposed to a variety of predicaments. Falling and scratching are definitely part of the experience.

The  model you choose should withstand abuse and impact whenever it falls or tossed around.

Most preferably, ensure that it’s waterproof and bear-proof. Builds that are strong and durable are more resistant to wear and tear.

Is it a lightweight cooler?

When purchasing an electrical cooler, keep in mind that you’ll be carrying it around while enjoying your picnic or trip.

A model that is huge and heavily built is cumbersome to carry. Furthermore, coolers that are heavy are likely to cause fatigue to the bearer.

To be on the safer side, consider the models that are built with handles for grasping. Similarly, it’s not a bad idea to pick a cooler with wheels.

The structures make the cooler easier to push or pull around. You’ll move with ease without thinking of the cooler as a burden.

The different kinds of plug-in electric coolers

Basically, plug-in electric models are available in three categories. Each of these cooler types works uniquely and seamlessly to maximize performance.


  • Portable electric coolers


These designs are small and easy to fit into the trunks of most vehicles. Besides, they are lightweight and can easily be transported.

Portable coolers are perfect for short picnics that last no more than a day. One model can sustain a few people. On average, the chest can hold 10 to 15 canned beverages.


  • Large storage electric coolers


Large designs are suitable for large groups. The most common sizes in this category are the 50 quart models and the 80 quart coolers. Unlike portable coolers, large storage units are heavier.

The brighter side is that they are more spacious. They give you the opportunity to stock as many food items and drinks as possible for the entire crew.


  • Fridge cooler


The essence of the fridge cooler is to keep foods or drinks in a deep-chilled or frozen state. Keeping some foods frozen may be hectic, as traditional ice coolers are incapable of freezing food items.

Fridge coolers are pricey but convenient. Most of the cooler parts are solidly insulated. This allows you to store specific foods such as ice-cream and meat. The unique performance of fridge coolers can be attributed to how conveniently they reach the lowest cooling points.

Benefits of plug-in electric coolers

For starters, plug in electrical coolers are easy to use. They perform strikingly well at keeping food items cold. There is no need to purchase ice packs for the models. You just need to connect them to the power supply for cooling processes to occur.

They are clean, neat and iceless, so they don’t leak. It’s always hectic dealing with the sogginess often brought about by melted ice. Sometimes it’s hard to clean inner parts of the cooler.

Likewise, it’s hard to prevent rusting of mechanical parts because there’s constant spillage. This sometimes interferes with the cooling action of ice coolers.

With electrical coolers, the only spills you’ll be forced to deal with are the ones that happened accidentally and not by default.

There’s no limit to the cooling potential of electrical coolers. Connect the models to power sources and enjoy limitless time spans of keeping foodstuffs cold and fresh.

Plug-in coolers provide ample space for storage of essentials. The designs are available in different types and sizes. Large sizes hold food for days. You’ll never run out of supply.

Low maintenance costs

Plug-in coolers barely require regular cleaning. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. In addition, most of the models aren’t exposed much to the abuse that’s common with outdoor activities.

Most of them are kept indoors. They barely get damaged. They can serve you comfortably for years without requiring as much as a dime for repair.


A quality plug-in cooler is worth the money. It’s one of the few accessories you’ll be pleased to have in your possession. A lot of time, care and effort is put into quality models. Expect to pay more for a quality cooler as it’s consistency in performance and workability is guaranteed.

Versatility and warranty provisions

Electric coolers are multi-purpose appliances. Some warm food and freeze items altogether. Acquiring a model that can perform both functions and still serve you consistently pays off in the long run.

Warranty terms and conditions guarantee that the model is high-quality and safe to use. In case any defectiveness is experienced in the course of use, the terms grant you exclusive rights to return the model for repair or replacement.

Safety recommendations

It’s unadvisable that you keep the cooler running indefinitely. Allowing the cooler to work indeterminately will reduce it’s lifespan and potentially cause troubles with the model in the future.

You should also consider keeping the cooler unplugged for a while each day. It gives the model adequate time for resting.

When charging coolers, ensure that you car battery has worked for about three hours. Acting otherwise may render the battery unusable due to quick drainage.

You can adopt alternative energy solutions including solar dynamos, to cater for the cooler and other vehicle appliances.

It’s risky to use your car battery for charging the cooler unless the battery power is solid enough to sustain high levels of drainage.

Bottom Line

An iceless electric cooler will serve you with the large storage you need to keep your food and drinks. We have looked at some of the top products in the market, and their features. You must have noticed that each electric cooler has something to offer, and come in varying sizes from different brands.

I would recommend that you get the Igloo Iceless Cooler. This is one of the most popular brands. Its high-quality construction and good pricing puts it at an amazing position as an electric cooler.

This is an easily portable cooler, thanks to the moulded-in side handles. With these handles, you can still get a good hold on the cooler with both hands however heavy it gets. Being able to distribute the weight makes it easier to move around with it, even on filling the cooler up.

You may love the 12V power cable that the cooler comes along with. It can fit in a cigarette lighter outlet at 8 feet. The length also makes it easy to place the cooler wherever you’d want. Within the insulation chamber, the cooler can go down by up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal for just cooling rather than freezing your food. The Igloo’s carrying capacity is at 32 cans.

Get this product today!

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