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Best Fishing Cooler With Rod Holders

Best Fishing Cooler with Rod Holders

Fishing is one of those activities that becomes interesting gradually to enthusiasts. As a fisherman grows more interest in casting rods, they also ought to grow their fishing equipment. 

Acquiring the appropriate paraphernalia for fishing is as necessary as having the right amount of fuel when setting out for a road picnic. You need essential utility equipment like nice fishing rods, protective outfit a sense of humour and most vitally good fishing coolers and rod holders. 

At times establishing the most suitable fishing coolers with holders can be tiresome. Companies are in dog-eat-dog competitions to get the attention of limited customers. 

You should have prior and significant information of the fishing cooler or rod holder you would like to procure before getting it, you might get the wrong product. Here is a list of some of the most ideal pick for fishing coolers with rod holders:

ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
RTIC & YETI Cooler Rod Holder 4.9 out of 5 stars
Rotomolded Cooler Fishing Rod Holder4.7 out of 5 stars
AIEVE Fishing Rod Holder and Cooler4.6 out of 5 stars
Igloo Quantum Roller Coolers 4.5 out of 5 stars

ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box 


ENGEL is acclaimed for building some of the most durable coolers and dry boxes in the industry. In its line is the ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box which potentially, tops this list. 

The cooler and dry box boasts high grade insulation with an air and water tight AVA Foam Gasket therefore preventing entry of unwanted fluid into the box. 

The special surface in and around ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box blocks out harsh fumes and odour; an advantage to reduce the intensity of the stench of the smell from fish, keeping them fresh and cool.  

It also has four handles to hold your fishing rods. Actually, there’s a lot more that this cooler with four rod holders can offer.


  • Large enough

Although the box wasn’t designed to hold all of what you might want to carry, like 40 pounds of fish meat, it has relatively sufficient space to serve. With three choices of size, 13, 19 and 30 quarts, you can go with your most preferred size among these three. 

The largest, ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box 30 quarts measures 16.5” x 9.5” x 11.5” of space and could fit most of your basic items.

  • It’s Durable

The ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box is made out of stainless steel and polystyrene shell making it tough enough live long and withstand crashes. The thick walls around it are come from high quality injection-modelled PP Copolymer resistant to breaking and scratchings. Surely, you will make use of the cooler box long enough.

  • It’s Pocket friendly.

Considering ample utility, the ENGEL box offers against its cost, you will barely complain about the damage it does to your pocket. The largest ENGEL Cooler/Dry box retails at about $ 122 at Amazon while the smaller options 19 and 13 quarts sell more than $50 lesser. 


  • It has no side handles

The box doesn’t have handles on its sides. For those planning to carry them around by hands, this might turn you away somehow. I hope Engel can listen to “us” and fix this.

RTIC & YETI Cooler Rod Holder


Falling at number two is a cooler made by RTIC. It stands out as one of its top products in the RTIC line. The cooler has three Sherpa rod holders which are designed to fit your Yeti holders perfectly. 

Actually, for the rodman the rod holders can go further than just holding rods. You might as well stick your beach umbrella in them. The cooler is a massive box made out of Aero-space grade aluminium with ample space to fit almost as much items as you will require. 

Its new and refreshed design makes it likeable (certainly your colleagues at the beach will keep eying your box). 


  • Ample Space

This cooler boasts ample space more than it boasts any other features. It can hold more than 50 cans and 1 ½ litres jerry cans standing upright. It has a large ice chest with more than 45-quart high capacity. You could simply store your 20-pound meat flesh in this cooler.

  • Resistance

What else means resistance if not aero-space grade aluminium body, rust resistance stainless lock clips, solid durable build and corrosion resistant construction on the RTIC & YETI Cooler Rod Holder?

The nature of this cooler is absolute toughness so that it doesn’t break even if it suffers high impact falls.

  • It doesn’t cost much.

The cooler retails surprisingly at $ 49.99 on Amazon Prime and less than $54.00 on most of other online retailers. This is one of the most profitable items you can acquire as your fishing gear.


  • Weight

It is relatively heavy to carry around for it is made out of heavy material. 

Rotomolded Cooler Fishing Rod Holder


The Rotomolded cooler comes with at least one rod handler (but could accommodate a maximum of two rod holders on its slots) which is hinged at its sides. The holder slots is designed to fit Yeti rod holders as well and cling tight to them. 

Rotomolded cooler has about 2 inches of insulation all around its body and is also proven to hold ice for up to four days. It is ultimate for long fishing expeditions. The cooler tank is fine modelled with soft edges and adorable finishing. 

Its nature makes it handy for easy movement unlike its bigger counterparts like the RTIC & YETI Cooler


  • It has removable rod holders

The cooler holds up to two tie-down or handle slots that can clip your fishing rods. You could transfer one rod holder from one of your Rotomodeled coolers to another one with similar handle slots. 

You could as well disconnect the rod holders if they are pressing hard against a surface or are if they obstruct cooler tank from fitting into the available space.

  • Strong handles.

The handles on the Rotomodeled cooler are heavy duty built to lift heavy weight. You could literally keep lifting the box to different points without worry of breaking the handles.

  • Durability

Just like most of the cooling boxes listed here, the Rotomolded Cooler is equally strong enough to withstand the tough conditions at the beach. Its body is fit to withstand relatively aggressive falls.


  • Size

Fishing poles may not fit well in the holder.


AIEVE Fishing Rod Holder and Cooler


How could a Yeti miss out on the list? Reputation from the Yeti brand itself is just enough for a rodman to go for their products in this case, the AIEVE Fishing Rod Holder and Cooler. It is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and powder coated with steel making it strong and durable.

 The rod holders are easy to install into the cooler tie down slot. They clip tight on to most Yeti coolers. The tank has plentiful storage capacity.


  • Excellent insulation

With extra thick walls and PermaFrost insulation on the Yeti coolers you get more than three days of cooling. It keeps ice long periods of time.

  • Great Designs.

Most Yeti cooler tanks are well designed. Yeti has upheld that the art of detailing its coolers so that those fishing tanks look very “attractive”.

  • Compatibility.

Yeti cooler and fishing rod holders are standard could fit with coolers and holders from other companies. For instance, the cooler can be fit with RTIC rod holders quite easily.


  • Price.

 Yeti rod holder coolers are relatively priced higher than similar coolers in the market.


Igloo Quantum Roller Coolers 


The Igloo quantum roller coolers come have wheals and locking telescoping handles. They are designed in this way to so that the cooler can be pushed or pulled around easily. They also have some impressive current technology.


  • Portability

With the roller wheels, its light weight and telescoping handles, the cooler tank can be moved about quite simply.

  • Cooling Technology

With the cool riser technology which boost cooling performance. The cooler can store its ice for 2-3 days.

  • It is attractive, indeed the most attractive cooler in the list.

The Igloo Quantum Roller Cooler look like nice travel bags. Apart from reflecting heat off the body of the tank, the white colour gives the coolers killer looks.


  • Size

The cooler’s design allows just a small number of items to be fit inside the tank. It is not the most appropriate choice if you plan to carry many items.

Bottom Line

There are more fishing coolers with rod holders in the market than the ones featured in this piece, each one claiming a range of benefits to a fisherman. A good rodman should be able to identify the tool that fits their specific need. 

To be more accurate at picking your most appropriate choice, you have to identify your own requirement of cooler. Ascertain the size, performance and technology of your designated fishing cooler then walk out and get something that can work perfectly for you.

By considering most key factors i.e. size, cost, construction, insulation and capacity the winner among best fishing coolers with holders is definitely ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box. The ENGEL fishing equipment has most of what an ideal fisherman requires. 

This set is tough, spacious, well designed and fairly priced. Get the ENGEL cooler today!

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