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Best Coolers Like Yeti

Best Coolers Like Yeti

Who wouldn’t love to have a cold beer during fishing or a hunting trip out in the woods on a sunny day?  Well, I doubt there is anyone. To enjoy a cold beer, you need a high-performance cooler and Yeti have been offering the best services. 

They have been considered the best coolers on the market because of their ice retention capabilities and durability. Although due to increase demand for coolers, other manufacturers are now producing an ice chest that is just as good as the Yeti coolers. 

At half price and the same or better ice retention capabilities like the Yeti ice chest, many folks are now turning to alternative coolers to save some bucks. After all, the idea is to have a gadget that delivers as expected.

With the flooding of alternative coolers on the market, there comes another problem, picking the best item for your needs. And that is where we come in. In this write-up, we have reviewed the best five coolers alternatives for Yeti ice chest.

Care to read the entire post to get the most out of it. In the end, we have recommended for you the best product that we think it’s worth your penny.

Top Coolers Like Yeti

Pelican -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
RTIC4.9 out of 5 stars
Grizzly4.7 out of 5 stars
Orca4.6 out of 5 stars
Engel4.5 out of 5 stars



The first product on the list is the ProGear 45Q by the Pelican. The product is made using robust material, and this guarantees your durability. The ice chest will withstand all manners of abuse. 

With ice retention of about ten days, Pelican is giving Yeti a run for their money. The impressive ice retention capabilities can be attributed to the freezer-grade gasket and polyurethane insulation that is incorporated in the Pelican ProGear 45Q.

The latches are heavy-duty and wide enough to be comfortably operated while wearing gloves. The hinged dual handles make carrying the product much more comfortable. Many people who own the item appreciate the lifetime warranty.

The product also comes in a variety of colours ranging from marine white, orange, dark blue to purple. You won’t miss a colour that suits your preference.


  • It has long ice retention of up to 10 days
  • It is large giving you enough room for storage
  • The item is highly durable


  • The massive size of the product makes it a challenge to store.
  • Some users have reported leakages around the rubber foot region.



The RTIC is also doing all they can to beat Yeti on the market, and the only way they are doing that is by producing products that are a match to their competitors in terms of performance but cheaper.

That is what they have done with the RTIC 45Q cooler. It is insulated with 2’ foam to boost ice retention duration. The interior has been designed not to sweat; also, the inner walls are lined with an antimicrobial to prevent the growth of mildew.

One thing you are going to appreciate about the cooler is its lightweight. This makes it easy to move with it around. The RTIC didn’t comprise on the durability either. 

The item is manufactured using sturdy laminated fabrics, joint together by seamless welding for maximum durability. This product is your best companion for any outdoor activity.


  • The product is light in weight
  • Anti-microbial lining on the interior prevents mildew growth 
  • It is leak-proof


  • The product is not shipped in some regions of the world
  • Some customers claim that the product is quite expensive



Are you that guy who on weekends love going out for camping, hunting or fishing? If you are such a guy, I highly recommend the Grizzly cooler 45Q to keep your beverages cold and fresh.

The product is a certified bear-resistant, this means that you can go with it deep in the forest and even the bears won’t interfere with what you have stored inside the cooler. As if that is not enough, the ice chest is uniformly rotationally-molded using LLDPE plastic for durability.

For optimal cooling, the item is insulated using Ecomate polyurethane foam which is injected using high pressure. The lid gasket is made of rubber straps to prevent air from escaping thereby increasing the efficiency of the ice chest.


  • This is a high-quality product that you must have.
  • It has longer ice retention compared to many other similar products on the market.
  • The item is pocket-friendly considering its performance.


  • Some customers have raised issues about the faulty top seal.
  • There have been complaints about long shipment durations.



Another Yeti alternative ice chest is the Orca cooler 58Q, which weighs about 50lbs. It comes with a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer will always replace or repair the ice chest depending on the circumstance surrounding the damage of the item.

To be sure kindly read the producers terms and conditions to know when you are eligible for a free replacement. With integrated insulation, the manufactures have managed to increase the ice retention of the product to match the Yeti coolers.

The durability of the Orca cooler 58Q is like no other ice chest out there; this is as a result of the construction techniques used during manufacturing which is rotomolding. Carrying the ice chest around won’t be a problem since it is fitted with sturdy handles. 


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The item is highly durable
  • The product has enough storage room


  • The ice chest is considerably heavy
  • Storage of the product is tricky due to its size.



The deep blue 50q by the Engel is another cooler that is comparable to those made by Yeti. It is known for its superior ice retention capabilities of up to ten days.  It comes with a variety of colours to choose from.

One crucial thing to note about this item is that it is manufactured using UV resistant material; in addition to that, the latches are marine grade. Talk about durability! The item is rotationally molded, and you can use it in any environment.

The airtight gasket prevents air from escaping the cooler, thus increasing ice retention.  The 2’’ of insulation also adds to the ice retention performance for the product. I do recommend this ice chest, give it a try you won’t be disappointed.


  • The ice chest comes in a variety of colours
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is compatible with dry ice.


  • Some customer has reported leakages at the bottom.
  • The weight of the product may hinder its portability.


Factors to Consider While Purchasing Coolers like Yeti

After reviewing the best coolers like Yeti in the market what next?  The next rational step would be to give you a buying guide to help you make a wise buying decision. Keeping in mind that there are many ice chests on the market, it can be challenging to settle on one.

In this part, you will read about some factors that you need to keep in mind so as to purchase a cooler that will best suit you. Getting that product that meets your needs is not as easy as it may sound. You need time to evaluate each product before making a decision. 

This can be time-consuming if you do it on your own, but with this guide, everything is simplified, you will just need a fraction of your time, and you will be ready to get that dream ice chest.


The longevity of a product should be one of the first factors to consider before buying the ice chest. Getting a durable product is essential; you will reduce the cost of frequent repairs which is a common thing with flimsy products, thereby saving some money.

The durability of a product can be influenced by a variety of factors like material used in construction and method of construction. For instance, ice chest manufactured using rotationally –molded techniques tend to more robust compared to those made using conventional means.

When it comes to raw materials used in making the items, there are plenty of polymers out there; some are strong, while others are weak. I suggest that you go with the strong available.

While selecting your cooler you want to make sure that the latches are of high quality and the handles are well hinged, all these sums up to a durable product. One thing for sure is that you need to be willing to dig deeper into your pocket if you want a sturdy ice chest.

We all are aware that quality things don’t come easy. It is wise to spend a few extra bucks and get an item with a long service life than to go cheap and get an item that you will have to repair now and then.

Ice retention 

The sole purpose of a cooler is to keep drinks cool; therefore if you are going to get one, you better get one with the best ice retention capabilities. Higher ice retention means that you can store your drinks cold and fresh for more days.

Currently, on the market, there are those ice chests that can retain ice up to 10 days. Such coolers are the ones that you should aim for when shopping for one. Ice retention of a cooler is determined by the mode of insulation and top lid.

The better the insulation, the better the ice retention capabilities, it is also important to note that cooler with thick insulation performs well compared to those made with thin insulation. One disadvantage of thick insulated coolers is that they tend to be large in size.

But that should not worry you given that it keeps your foodstuff and drinks fresh for much longer. Always ensure that the lid gasket tightly fit cooler. This will prevent air from escaping thus increasing ice retention.

Size of the cooler

The capacity of the ice chest you wish to buy is something you have to consider before settling on the product. They are quite a several products in the market with different sizes, and getting one that suits your purpose shouldn’t be hard.

If you have quite a number of buddies and you always go out camping or hunting as a whole, I would advise that you get an ice chest that is large in size so as to accommodate all the foodstuffs and drinks you will be bringing along.

On the other side if it is just you and your boyfriend/girlfriend going for a small cooler looks like a great idea considering that you wouldn’t have much to carry with you. Keep in mind that large cools can also be heavy; you need to have a way of carrying it around.

Another downside of having a large cooler is difficulty in storage. You need to have a large SUV for you to carry a large ice chest conveniently.  To finish on this one before shopping for any cooler be sure that the size will accommodate all the stuff you to bring along.


Warranty may vary depending on the manufacturer; some offers are generous while others are merely a joke. It is upon you to look and select the products that have a favourable warranty term. 

The importance of a warranty is that in case you damage your item, the manufacturer may offer to replace or repair it for you for free.

I advise that you need to read the terms and conditions agreement of the manufacturer to know when and how the replacement will be granted to you. This is necessary to avoid any kind of confusion.

Since there a time they refuse to fulfil their terms depending on the circumstances surrounding the damage of the product. Coolers with long warranties are advised, and it is a good sign that they are top-notch products. 

For a producer to grant their products a long warranty period, they need to be sure that it delivers as they have promised. And that is how you cleverly know that a product is of a higher calibre without even doing into details. 


It is always important to work with a budget while shopping for any product. The market has items of all prices and knowing your financial limit could save you a great deal from overspending money unnecessarily.

It is an undisputed fact that we all have different financial limits, I, therefore, advise that you operate within your monetary limits. While you are struggling to get a high-performance cooler at a relatively low price, be prudent not to bargain the quality of the product.  

Remember that not all expensive items are of high quality, also don’t worry if you have a small budget, you can always find a product that matches your budget with many ice chest on the market.

How do you make sure that you get the best ice chest without overspending? It’s simple, draw a table; one side write down all the qualities of the ice chest you want on the opposite side indicated the amount of money you are willing to spend. 

That will help you to save some time while shopping since you will have reduced the number of the product to look. You need to save that last penny if possible; you never know when you are going to need it.  


An ice chest is like a mobile refrigerator; therefore, the easiness of carrying it around should be considered before making the purchase. Smaller coolers may be highly portable, but that comes at the cost of reducing the insulation thickness, which means poor ice retention.

On the other hand, larger ice chest has thick insulation walls which means that the ice retention capabilities are much higher. The only downside is that they pose a challenge of carrying them around due to their size.

Fortunately, we now have coolers fitted with wheel for easy transportation, and you can have both a cooler that is massive in size with superior ice retention at the same time easily portable


Of all the five products reviewed in this post, we highly recommend the ProGear 45Q by the Pelican. Pelican is a manufacture that has perfect consumer scores on the market. With their ProGear, 45Q Yeti may not be on the market in the near future if they can’t match what pelican is doing.

The product is not only made using high-quality materials, but also its design is sleek and adds to the strength of the product. You will love that the item is manufactured in different colour and you can easily choose the one you like.

The incredible ice retention of the ice chest, which is up to ten days is something many similar products out there can’t match. This can be accredited to the 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation and the airtight freezer-grade gasket that prevents air from escaping thus improving efficiency.

With top-grade hinged double handle carrying this ice chest is going to be very easy. Lifetime warranty is another as to why we think you should for this product. What are you waiting for? Order the ProGear 45Q now to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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